Jena - View from Landgrafen

EC2U Associated Partners in Jena

The City of Jena, Jena Business Development, the European Information Centre in Erfurt and the Erasmus Student Network of the University of Jena.
Jena - View from Landgrafen
Image: Roman Möbius

EC2U is the European Campus of City-Universities. The city and its citizens are central to the concept and goals of the alliance. Associated Partners in all seven cities and regions contribute to and benefit from EC2U activities and offers. In Jena our Associated Partners are…


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The City of Jena

The City of Jena provides services for local and international residents of Jena and performs various activities in order to promote and ensure the economic, social and environmental well-being of the citizens through economic development, social services, the communal education system, culture and care for the intellectual and historical heritage.

The city of Jena is a member of the EC2U Council and will engage in the implementation of project activities related to cultural events, well-being of the local and international citizens and sustainable communities, it will support the local organization of the EC2U Forum.

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Jena Business Development

Jena Wirtschaft is the business development corporation that provides solution-orientated advisory services, analytical data and studies, and regional, national and international networks for Jena and the surrounding region. Their goal is to provide a business- and innovation-friendly environment, engage with stakeholders from industry, academia and politics to contribute to the development of the region. One of their foci is international labor mobility and setting up the required infrastructures and welcome culture.

Jena Wirtschaft is a member of the EC2U Council. It will work with EC2U in several areas, but in particular in WP7 towards a European Talent Pool. It will facilitate contacts to industry, will open its networks to the consortium and play an advisory role in setting up the Entrepreneurial Academy with the partners across the consortium. It will also contribute to the EC2U Forum.


Erasmus Student Network Jena Erasmus Student Network Jena Image: Erasmus Student Network Jena

Erasmus Student Network - Jena

ESN is the first point of contact for international students who come to Jena for a semester or internship abroad and need help organizing their everyday study life or want to make new contacts in the city, true to the motto 'Students help students. ESN Jena is a member of the EC2U Council and contributes to the activities related to culture and campus life (in particular to students life) and to the strengthening of the knowledge Square in the fields of health and well-being, quality of education, and sustainable cities and communities. The volunteer organization will also be strongly involved in the EC2U Forum and will provide support for the implementation of the EC2U student card. Find more information about ESN at and on Facebook and Instagram.

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Europäisches Informationszentrum

The European Information Centre (EIC) in the Thuringian State Chancellery is a well-known institution in the European political landscape of Thuringia providing information to citizens—and youth in particular—on major European topics in accordance with the communication priorities of the EU.

The EIC is a member of the EC2U Council and will provide factual information at local and regional level about the benefits of European Integration, on priorities and strategy programs of the EU. It supports citizens to gain easy access to EU information and offers platforms for information and exchange. It will support specifically EC2U activities in the areas of campus life and culture, science with and for society and the EC2U Forum.