Mit anderen Worten...

EC2U in other words...

Students, Faculty, Staff and Associated Partners speak about their views on and visions for EC2U. Read, listen & watch!
Mit anderen Worten...
Graphic: Kolb


Campus Europa
Multilingual and Digital - The European University Alliances
Hear more about EC2U in the Uni-Jena series "Wege ins Ausland".

Experience Reports

Universite de Poitiers - Maison des Etudiants
Student life in Poitiers (France)
Student life in Coimbra (Portugal)

Students share more EC2U experiences at link.


Thomas Nietzsche
Interview with the mayor of the city of Jena
Walter Rosenthal
Interview with the President of the University of Jena
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Bopp-Filimonov
Interview with a faculty member of the Dept. of Romance Languages