Europakarte mit EC2U-Partnerstädten

EC2U in Jena and in Europe

Spanning across national borders in Europe, spanning across disciplines at the University of Jena - the EC2U network is as large as it is diverse.
Europakarte mit EC2U-Partnerstädten
Image: EC2U

EC2U Topics and Fields of Activity

EC2U - Project Structure_DE_16-9
EC2U - Project Structure_DE_16-9
Graphic: EC2U

EC2U is a European University Alliance. Building it up is the current project.

Foundation: EC2U is based on cooperative structures that cross borders and institutions and include all members of the local university communities--students, teachers, researchers and administrative employees.

Thematic pillars: EC2Us education and research activities are designed to meet global challenges, contributing to three of the seventeen UN Sustainable Development GoalsExternal link. Joint Masters Degree programms and Virtual Institutes are being established in the fields of Good Health and Well-being (UNSDG 4), Quality Education (UNSDG 5) and Sustainable Cities and Communities (UNSDG 11).

Outreach and Sustainability: EC2U includes actors beyond the university in each city through activities encouraging Science with and for Society and a network of associated students, city administrations and businesses. Each partner universitiy hosts the half-yearly EC2U Forum, open to the entire university and city.

EC2U Team Jena

In each of the seven EC2U universities, a growing, diverse team of students, teachers, researchers and administrators develops the collaborative structures necessary for a European Universitypdf, 298 kb and organizes the various EC2U activities, both local and international. EC2U Team Jena describes the various areas of activity in their own words:

Culture and Campus Life

"EC2U Campus Life in Jena has a home at the International Centre, a multifunctional space to learn, have fun, communicate with each other. At the Science Battles teams from EC2U universities compete and show how scientists solve problems. To help students find their way around the “European Campus”, the My Mobile Tutor App is full of useful information about all the EC2U Universities and Cities, local culture and campus life. Join the EC2U campus in Jena!"

Dr. Britta Salheiser, International Office

Good Health and Well-Being

"Healthy Campus: Under this label, we are developing holistic health optimization for all members of the EC2U University! The idea is to assess the health status, implement fitting interventions and evaluate their effectiveness. Thus, students and administrative and scientific employees are all incorporated and part of the optimization process. Scientific personnel, as well as students, offer health optimization seminars and workshops for themselves and all members of the respective university. Data are gathered from all participating EC2U universities, and evaluations, research results, as well as intervention strategies, are exchanged across universities and countries. This is a truly holistic approach since health is a common topic for all of us and everywhere!"

Professor Rüdiger Trimpop
Julia Hoppe
Lena Schmitz
Institute of Psychology, Chair Occupational, Corporate and Organizational Psychology

Professor Holger Gabriel
PD Dr. Christian Puta
Institute of Sports Science, Chair Sports Medicine and Promotion of Health

Quality Education

"We promote intercultural and interdisciplinary dialogue: Through the development of international Master's degree programs and through research activities of the transnational "Virtual Institute", which currently focuses on questions of "language policy". The aim is to promote cultural and linguistic diversity in Europe--in academic life, but also in society in general. We welcome everyone’s participation in shaping the European future!"

Professor Jürgen Bolten, Intercultural Business Communication
Dr. Yolanda López García, Intercultural Business Communication

Sustainable Cities and Communities

"Our Virtual Institute is starting to take off: The Universities of Jena, Iaşi and Turku are conducting research towards the assessment of urban heat islands in Europe. As a first joint action, a hybrid networking event on "Geographic Information Science for sustainable cities and communities" was held on Nov. 17, 2021 for researchers, students, and stakeholders from public authorities and companies. More events will follow!"

Professor Alexander Brenning
Bettina Böhm
Institute for Geography, Chair Geo Informatics

Science with and for Society

"We are building bridges to society. We encourage students, Europe's talents, to set out on their career paths successfully and confidently with the Career Certificate and the Entrepreneurial Academy. We bring research to schools through School Research Projects and promote Europe's education through Classroom Internships in the teaching profession. We strengthen Europe's engagement through opportunities for dialogue and networking. Stop by and check out our Think Tanks or Engagement Stage."

Dr. Dana Strauß, Office of the President, JenaVersum
Dr. Claudia Hillinger, International Office