Dozent im Seminarraum

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EC2U is collegial interaction and cooperation.
Dozent im Seminarraum
Image: Jan-Peter Kasper (University of Jena)
wall of words
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VIQE - Virtual Institute for Quality Education
VIQE is the virtual institute of the EC2U Alliance that combines education, research and innovation for advanced studies on quality education. VIQE's pilot project profile focuses on language, cultural and social diversity in Europe.
Good Health and Well-Being
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GLADE is a freely accessible research, learning and interaction space. Interdisciplinary areas include Health Promotion, Healthy Campus, Cancer, Digital Health, Social Determinants and more.
City heat waves
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Virtual Institue for Sustainable Cities and Communities
International inter-disciplinary teams are conducting research towards A) Assessment of urban heat islands in Europe, and B) Preservation and retrofitting of historical university buildings. Joint summer schools and networking events with a thematic focus are held, such as the annual GIS Day and school projects.
Learning together
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EC2U Lighthouses of Education
Network and build cooperations with departments and programs at all 7 universities dedicated to innovation in education—teaching students, teaching to teach, teaching language.
Community of action
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Projects find people and people find projects. Look for people from the communities and universities of the EC2U Alliance to participate in your citizen science or social project, post at the EC2U Engagement Stage.
diverse perspectives make great ideas
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EC2U Think Tanks
Various stakeholders from the EC2U universities and cities come together with their diverse perspectives to build shared visions and create new solutions to the challenges the EC2U communities face.
EC2U in Salamanca
Image: Universidad de Salamanca
University and city communities meet at a half-yearly public Forum at one of the 7 EC2U Universities to strengthen the multi-faceted cooperation of the alliance. 5 Students are granted scholarships for each Forum.
Science Battle
Image: Hanna Oksanen
Science & fun! Scientists from the EC2U Universities compete in an interdisciplinary battle of wits: who can best (and most entertainingly) answer questions of the citizens of the EC2U cities?
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