cours card and transcript of records for guest students

Courses and credits

Courses offered, organizing your studies, Learning Agreement, and Transcript of Records
cours card and transcript of records for guest students
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This information are meant for international guest students and international applicants for guest studies at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena. We explain how you may find suitable courses and create your study plan. In addition, you can also find information about the course and examination management.

Selecting courses Show content
  • You will have to set up your course schedule on your own. To do so, please select your courses, according to the field of study [pdf 1MB] you chose, from the Course Catalogue. You do not need a login or password to do so.
  • The language of instruction in many study programmes is German. Only some of them are taught in English. You may find the latter by clicking ‘Search for Lectures’ in the Course Catalogue.
  • Primarily, you should select courses within your field of study. Upon consultation with your lecturers, you may be allowed to select topic-related courses from other fields of study, too.
  • We recommend you to attend courses corresponding to the degree pursued at your home university, e.g. bachelor’s courses if you are enrolled in a bachelor’s programme. Upon consultation with your lecturers, you may also attend courses with other difficulty levels, e.g. within master’s programmes.
Final thesis/research Show content
  • If you do a research for your final thesis or you want to carry out an individual research project, you should have a supervision agreement [pdf 341KB]. The agreement determines the topics on which you are working, how often you should discuss it with your supervisor, and how many credits you should achieve at the end.
German courses Show content
  • If you study German studies at your home university, you should enrol for German as a foreign language at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena. In this case, you can then attend the courses in the field of German as a foreign language ('ATS-Kurse’) and other courses German as a foreign language as well as the courses of German studies.
  • All students may register for the courses offered by the Language Centrede for an extra fee.
  • In order to be able to attend ATS courses or German courses of the Language Centre, students have to participate in the assessment test. The dates are announced before the beginning of the lecture period.
ECTS Show content
  • Each course has a fixed amount of credits and cannot be changed. For information on ECTS, please refer to the respective tables with credit points. If you have any questions, please contact your lecturers.
  • You will only be awarded credits if you complete the course successfully. In order to do so, you should attend the selected courses regularly. Sometimes, you may need to perform additional workload during the semester and/or prepare a written work or pass a final exam at the end of the course.
  • Please bear in mind that you should fulfil the requirements of your home university and of your scholarship programme. Students participating in the exchange programme ERASMUS+ should acquire 30 ECTS per semester.
  • Regardless your programme, you should complete at least two subject-specific courses or acquire at least 10 ECTS per semester.
Course registration Show content
  • After enrolment, you can register for courses via the portal Friedolin (menu item "Schedule of classes").
  • Please register for courses with your lecturers in the first course session, too. Additionally, you may also send them an e-mail in advance. You may find their e-mail address in the course descriptions in the menu item “Schedule of classesde”.
Onleila Show content
  • After having registered for the courses at your lecturers, you should register the courses in the portal Onleila. The course registration is compulsory for every guest student. Only by doing so, we will be able to issue your Transcript of Records at the end of the semester.
  • Go to Onleila.
Examinations Show content
  • The information which type of examination you should pass (e.g. written examination, presentation, oral examination or term paper) will be given at the beginning of the course. If you need further information on registering for examinations, please contact your lecturers.
  • Please note that you should register for the course directly to your lecturer not via the portal Friedolin!
  • Exception: students in the field of study economics and business administration should register at the Departmental International Office (
  • Please note that you should pass some of the examinations during the semester. In addition, many lecturers expect you to attend their courses regularly. Please talk to your lecturers early enough to schedule the dates of examination according to the period of your stay in Jena.
Performance assessment Show content
  • Course work and examinations are assessed according to the German grade system, i.e. with the following grades: ‘passed’ (bestanden) or ‘failed’ (nicht bestanden).
    German grade             Description
    1.0‒1.5                         very good (sehr gut)
    1.6‒2.5                         good (gut)
    2.6‒3.5                         satisfactory (befriedigend)
    3.6‒4.0                         sufficient (ausreichend)
    4.1‒5.0                         failed (ungenügend)
  • You will only be awarded ECTS if you have passed your examinations.
  • Regular and active attendance in courses is compulsory.
Documentation and Transcript of Records Show content
  • After you have registered on Onleila, you will receive a Course Card (‘Kurskarte’). On the Course Card, your lecturers should list your course work and respective results after you have completed the course. Afterwards, you should submit the complete Course Card to the International Office. The Course Card is the basis for your Transcript of Records.
  • You will receive your Transcript of Records from the International Office. A copy of it will be sent directly to your home university.
Important documents for students in the exchange programme ERASMUS+ Show content
  • Confirmation of Arrival/Confirmation of Departure/Confirmation of Stay: you will receive these forms from your home university. The International Office of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena will sign them. Please note that you have to be enrolled as a student at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena during the whole period in which you are entitled to the scholarship. Please plan your arrival to and departure from Jena accordingly. When planning, you should also consider the date of examinations.
  • Learning Agreement: Please send us a complete form Learning Agreement Before the Mobility [docx 87KB] before your arrival in Jena. After your arrival, please update your study plan in the form Learning Agreement During the Mobility [docx 87KB] and submit the form to the International Office. Students participating in the exchange programme ERASMUS+ should acquire 30 ECTS per semester.
  • For more details on the relevant document for this exchange programme, please visit this website.
Dates Show content

PLease see the dates of the semester, lecture period and exam period in the current Study Guide [pdf 3MB] for international students.



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