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24 Mar 2021
Hypnosis is beneficial for surgical patients
Meta-analysis reveals: Hypnosis relieves pain, reduces mental distress and promotes recovery after surgery
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Scientists from Jena and Leipzig examined the efficacy of hypnosis during surgical interventions.
17 Mar 2021
Fatal attraction
Biologists from the University of Jena publish study on the relationship between flying insects and light pollution
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Symbolic picture: Short-wave blue light in particular attracts nocturnal insects.
25 Feb 2021
Pioneering molecule on its way into quantum computers
Researchers from the University of Jena and University of Florence, develop cobalt compound with special quantum properties
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Prof. Dr Winfried Plass (r.) and Benjamin Kintzel look at a crystal of a molecular nanomagnet.
23 Feb 2021
Studies and Teaching
Committed to an open and democratic society
University of Jena adopted new mission statement
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Gathering and spreading light is one of the central moral concepts of the university.
16 Feb 2021 · Light
A sharper look at the interior of semiconductors
A research team is developing a high-resolution imaging technique that can be used to investigate materials in a ...
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Prof. Dr Gerhard Paulus, PhD student Felix Wiesner and Dr Silvio Fuchs (from left) in a laser lab.
26 Jan 2021
Street trees close to the home may reduce the risk of depression
Researchers show positive effect of urban nature on mental health
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High density of street trees in cities may help to improve mental health.

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