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15 Sep 2021
Awards and Personnel
Investigate the influence of the interaction between host and microbiome on the ageing process
Prof. Dario R. Valenzano strengthens the Microbiome research in Jena
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The new Microbiome expert Prof. Dr Dario R. Valenzano.
9 Sep 2021
High-speed modulation thanks to crystal symmetry
Physicists and chemists at University of Jena develop a method for nonlinear signal modulation in 2D materials
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A team led by Prof. Giancarlo Soavi has developed a method for non-linear signal modulation.
3 Sep 2021
Event(s) · International Affairs · Knowledge Transfer and Innovation
Jena Declaration on Sustainability
International network calls for strategy change to achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals / Invitation to online launch ...
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The initiator of the Jena Declaration Prof. Dr Benno Werlen
2 Sep 2021
Bypassing side effects: Nanocontainers transport active ingredients directly to their target
Using nanoparticles, a Jena research team implemented the targeted transport of an active ingredient into liver tissue.
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Schematic drawing: The liposome is carrying molecules of active ingredient (orange) and dye (blue).
27 Aug 2021 · Life
Studies and Teaching
First aid for mental health problems
University of Jena sets up mental health first aid team and provides information on mental health on a new website
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Work in science can lead to high psychological stress
16 Aug 2021 · Life
Bacterial toxin blinds algae
Jena research team discovers natural product from soil bacteria that kills algae
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Green algae almost completely lose their colour when the deadly bacteria have been added to them.

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Cluster of Excellence »Balance of the Microverse« 
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Nutrition and Cardiovascular Health (Competence Cluster nutriCARD)
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