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31 May 2021 · Life
Urban life is not to everyone's taste
Researchers record adaptability of 158 butterfly species to urbanisation
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The scarce fritillary (Euphydryas maturna)
27 May 2021
Face to face
People remember faces better from personal meetings than through still or moving media images
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Model of a human brain, in the background a test person wearing an EEG electrode cap.
26 May 2021
Research · Awards and Personnel
In support of a democratic culture
Scientists at University of Jena sponsor prize for research on right-wing radicalism
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The University of Jena honours theses and research projects on the topic of right-wing radicalism.
25 May 2021 · Life
Water connects surface and subsurface habitats
Collaborative Research Centre “AquaDiva” granted funding for third phase worth 11 million euros by German Research Foundation
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Groundwater sampling in the "Hainich Critical Zone Exploratory"
25 May 2021 · Life
Focus on life-threatening fungal infections
Collaborative Research Center granted DFG funding for a further four years.
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Felicia Adelina Stanford is investigating the pathogenic properties of fungi in the SFB/TR FungiNet.
25 May 2021 · Life
Sending active substances to where they are needed
Collaborative Research Centre “PolyTarget” receives German Research Foundation funding for second phase worth close to 15 ...
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A chemist in the SFB Polytarget uses a pipette to introduce cell samples into a microtitre plate.

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Cluster of Excellence »Balance of the Microverse« 
Prof. Dr. Axel Brakhage

Nutrition and Cardiovascular Health (Competence Cluster nutriCARD)
Prof. Dr. Stefan Lorkowski

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