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Study reveals natural solution to mitigate effects of climate change
Front view of the cable data logger box for the soil temperature measurement system (Controller Area Network bus module system) at the Jena experimental site.
Image: Karl Kübler / MPI für Biogeochemie Jena
Out of a total of 5,000 universities evaluated, the universities of Jena, Halle and Leipzig came top in the field of ecology.
Halle, Jena and Leipzig are among the top six German universities in the field of ecology.
Image: Stefan Bernhardt, iDiv
Mobility Report 2022 provides information on commuter mobility and mobile working at the University of Jena
The majority of students at the University of Jena travel to university by public transport. This is according to the latest mobility report.
Image: Anne Günther (University of Jena)
Light pollution at night is disturbing above- and belowground ecosystems with implications for ecosystem stability and human well-being
Modern societies rely heavily on artificial light at night, but this convenience comes at a cost not only to people's health but also to ecosystems.
Image: Jürgen Scheere (University of Jena)
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Reforestation projects are supported by using the search engine Ecosia at the university
Logo of the search engine Ecosia
Image: Jens Meyer (University of Jena)
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Data published on social media platforms can improve knowledge about species distribution and inform conservation planning
Nature photographers worldwide are sharing their biodiversity observations on social media – a huge potential also for biodiversity research.
Image: Sultan Ahmed
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German Research Foundation to fund Research Unit for another four years
The Biodiversity Research Area "Jena Experiment" exists for 20 years and continues to receive funding.
Image: Matthias Ditscherlein
Online Courses of the University of Pavia open to EC2U students
tree rises into the sky
Image: Elisa Topa
Come with us to Poitiers! New people, a historic city and an exciting programme await you.
Historisches Gebäude mit Säulen
Image: Universität Poitiers
Brights Project: Bringing Higher Education Institutes Towards Sustainability
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Habitat diversity can mitigate effects of climate change on insects
The movements of this beetle (Carabus coriaceus) have been tracked with the help of a RFID tag.
Image: Stefan Bernhardt/iDiv