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Refugees at the University of Jena

The University of Jena offers refugees various opportunities to prepare for studies or seek further academic education on an individual basis, depending on their educational experience and perspectives. Many members of the university actively support refugees daily. Please learn more about the manifold offers and activities.

  • Winter semester has started: We are welcoming all auditors! Please see our new flyer (ger./eng.; arabic) for information on the auditor programme for refugees in winter semester 2017/18. The application for summer semester will start in February 2018 on this homepage.
Study Opportunities
  • The International Office gives advice on study opportunities and requirements in its daily office hours. Please see our contact details at the bottom of the page.
  • The University of Jena, in cooperation with JenDaF e.V., offers an intensive German Course in Preparation of the DSH test (fees) which is necessary for all German-taught study programmes. Learn more about our DSH-course here.
Auditor Programme
  • The application phase for the Auditor Programme for refugees for the winter semester 2017/2018 (flyer ger./engl., arabic; duration 10 Oct. 2017 - 9 Feb. 2018) has been completed; application for summer semester is going to start in February 2018.
Support and Integration
  • Besides the staff of the Auditor Programme (please see "Contact") our student mentors support refugees taking part in our auditor programme depending on their chosen subject in small groups. Refugees do not have to register for this kind of support. All participants of the auditor programme received all information on the tutorials offered by mentors in the info session on March 28, 2017.
    Those interested in becoming a mentor please register here.
  • We are looking for Buddies!
    Integration is an important prerequisite of successful studies. A series of events, offered by the International Office and student groups, enables refugees to get connected among each other and with interested students of FSU Jena. Non-refugees (=enrolled students) are at all times encoured to participate in the events offered after registering as "Buddies" by sending an email to r  If you have Facebook you may enter our Facebook group - you will get more information also after sending an email.
    Our current programme in January / February / March / April/ May/ June/ July/ August / September / October / November / December 2017
    This was our programme in 2016.
Aktivities at the University of Jena
  • Please see the University of Jena News on current events and research related to refugees, migration, integration, demographics, labour market, intercultural aspects and politics.
Useful websites
  • (to contact all staff of the Auditor Programme for Refugees)
  • Ms Cornelia Dwars gives advice on study opportunities and requirements and evaluates certificates/diplomas in her daily office hours. Please bring your residence title and certified copies of your untranslated certificates/diplomas together with a German translation done by a certified translator.
  • Ms Britta Möbius and Mr Arnold Dusil respond to all general questions regarding refugees at the University of Jena, the Auditor Programme and integration programme.
The programme is financially supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The funds help finance Student aides who assist occasional students in getting orientation and with their integration. Funds are also used to cover costs for German language courses at which refugees can take part free of charge.
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