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Support program for transferring ideas and research results into practice
Man wearing suit runs up the stairs
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Your Idea

You have developed an idea or produced research results in the course of your studies, doctorate or later research activities that indicate a high practical benefit. You are thinking:

  • how you can bring this to application?
  • how viable the idea is and what the next step towards implementation could be?

You lack the resources to take this next step?
Then send us a short application about your idea and take the next step with our support.

Next Step

Convincing projects receive an individually compiled support package from our extensive range of offers:

  • Up to € 2,500 budget e.g. for materials, equipment, orders, travel and, if necessary, auxiliary staff contracts.
  • Free use of an office with up to three workstations as well as the infrastructure of the Startup Center of the FSU ("Freiraum")
  • Intensive individual consulting and coaching for the further development of the concept, for the implementation of the next steps, for questions of intellectual property rights (e.g. patents), for further acquisition of funds
  • Networking with other supporters within and outside the FSU as well as in the search for team members.

Scientists, doctoral candidates, students and graduates of the Friedrich Schiller University who want to implement their idea or clarify the possibilities of feasibility can apply individually or in a team.

What are the benefits of applying?

In case of a successful application:

  • a comprehensive support package tailored to the project, including its own budget (see above)
  • Flexible use of financial resources without time-consuming application and reporting procedures
  • Fast and unbureaucratic facilitation of the next steps, e.g. to explore potentials and feasibility in preparation for further fund acquisition.

Regardless of the success of the application, all applicants receive feedback on their idea and - if desired - support in improving the concept as well as in the further formulation of goals.

Apply now and get started!

Schematic representation of the application procedure, as it is also explained in the text. Schematic representation of the application procedure, as it is also explained in the text. Image: Ralf Schindek

1) Send a 2-3 page description of your idea by email to us (contact below). An outline with guiding questions can be found here >>pdf, 131 kb · de. You are also welcome to discuss your idea or questions about the application with us in advance.

2) You will receive initial feedback within two weeks and hopefully an invitation to a personal interview.

3) During the interview, we will clarify further questions and discuss with you specifically how funding can be provided.

4) If your idea convinces us, you will receive a binding commitment within a few days and can get started.



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With "NEXT STEP", Friedrich Schiller University Jena supports innovative ideas that show a high practical benefit. This can relate to a device / object, a digital tool / software, a technology, a service, a socially relevant concept / offer or an approach that creates benefits in some other way.