Funding notification

State funding

Here you will find information on the application, implementation and transfer of results of your project.
Funding notification
Image: Jan-Peter Kasper (University of Jena)


Depending on the research project, certain rules must be observed when submitting an application. You will find important information in the funding programmes DEExternal link. The contact persons for research funding in the Service Centre for Research and Transfer (SFT) will advise you on the specifics of the individual programmes, support you in obtaining any necessary signatures from the university management and in submitting your application. Please contact the SFT's research funding contact personExternal link at an early stage if you would like strategic proofreading. Project leaders formally submit applications in the TAB portal DEExternal link. The SFT staff must check and approve the application beforehand.

Budget planning
When planning the budget, it is important to plan the individual cost items (e.g. personnel, equipment, consumables, travel expenses, events) as precisely as possible and to provide plausible reasons for applying for funding for the individual items. The SFT will gladly provide you with calculation templates for n.n. personnel. Your contact persons for research fundingExternal link in the SFT advise you in budget planning and will be happy to check your preliminary cost calculation.

Collaborative projects
If your project is a collaborative project with partners from the private sector, the transfer team will assist you in initiating cooperation with business partners. Please get in touch with the contact persons of Team NUCLEUS Jena DEExternal link at an early stage.

Exploitation plan
If an exploitation plan is required as part of the application, the contact persons responsible for research transferExternal link will advise you on the development of exploitation strategies for your research project.

Data management
The Research Data Management Helpdesk (RDMH) offers support in drawing up a data management plan for your research project to ensure responsible handling of your research data.

Project implementation

Third-party funding account
Please contact the Staff Unit External FundingExternal link DE in the Division for Finances and Purchasing to set up a third-party funding account for project administration (posting and mapping of income and expenses). They will provide you with regular financial overviews of your externally funded projects, prepare the necessary proofs of use and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about project management.

Recruitment of staff
For the recruitment of staff financed by third-party funds, please refer to the contact person(s) in the Division for Human Resources, Staff Unit Externally Funded Employees DEExternal link with the relevant recruitment documents for academic staff. As recruitment procedures can take four to six weeks, please remember to plan the recruitment of externally funded staff with the Division for Human Resources well in advance.

Cooperation agreements
In the case of cooperation with several partners, a cooperation agreement may be required. The contact persons at the Legal Office External link will assist you in preparing the contract.

Please remember that when procuring equipment and large quantities of consumables, you are bound by the applicable tender regulations. Please contact the Section Purchasing DEExternal link in the Division for Finances and Purchasing at an early stage before ordering major instruments, special equipment or large quantities of consumables from a supplier.

Further information
You can find further information, regulations and forms for the project management of your third-party funding application in the University’s administration manual HanFRIED DE de.

Closing activities
Just as with the start of the project, the closing activities must also be planned and carried out in detail. The project leader is responsible for preparing a final factual report. In addition, once the final financial statement has been prepared in cooperation with the contact persons in the Staff Unit External FundingExternal link DE in the Division for Finances and Purchasing and once the project has been completed, the project account will be closed.

Registration in the FACTScience research project databas
In addition, the SFT will record your project data in the FACTScience research project database. Within the framework of ‘Transparency in Science and Teaching’, to which the University of Jena has committed itself together with all Thuringian higher education institutions and Jena University Hospital, selected project details appear in an annually updated report presenting ongoing externally funded research projects to the general public.

Activities for the transfer of results can already be relevant during project implementation.

Transfer of results

The research transfer teamsExternal link in the SFT offer comprehensive support with regard to the exploitation of project results, e.g. in initiating research cooperation with partners from science and industry or planning the launch of a business. In addition, you will also find advice on the topics technology scouting & innovation management as well as patent registration and property rights service.

Fairs and events
The contact persons for fairs and events offer support in the public presentation of your project results. They will assist you in the organization and professional preparation of your trade fair presentation and offer individual trade fair coaching programmes.

Follow-up project
Are you planning a follow-up project? Please get in touch with the SFT's contact persons for research fundingExternal link.