Student and laptop in the outside


Student administration on the Internet
Student and laptop in the outside
Image: Christoph Worsch (University of Jena)
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Friedolin is the online student administration tool at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena. Practically all student issues may be managed via the portal. The only exception is the Faculty of Medicine which uses the portal DOSIS.

In the portal, you may find, for example, module specifications and recommended study plans, and the course catalogues for all bachelor’s programmes, master’s programmes, and teacher training options. Enrolled students can compile their schedules via module and course planning, register for examinations, see their grades, and receive certificates of study. Examination registration deadlines and other important dates can be found in the section Dates. In addition, teaching staff manage contents via Friedolin whilst course participants manage their courses along with the assigned examinations. Last but not least, you may also reach the University’s electronic learning platform moodle.

If you need a little help to get accustomed to the portal Friedolin, you may visit one of our introductory courses in German or in English at the start of each semester. Furthermore, there are extra session where you can ask our experts questions or use the Help Centre if you have any further enquiries. The latter also contains videos for various issues, FAQ, and handbooks.

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Currently, we are developing Friedolin 2.0. Please find further information here.


If Friedolin does not work properly, please log in first and enter your question here.