Welcome to the ‘Studier:bar’

Efficient learning methods, time management skills, motivational techniques and digital tools can help you get the most out of your studies. Our workshop series and accompanying materials will give you the support you need.

Academic success? Sure, don’t stress! It often takes a good mixture of different techniques, a drop of know-how and a pinch of experience to successfully quench your thirst for knowledge (in the long term) and to stay motivated during your studies. You will find all these ingredients in our workshop series ‘Studier:bar’.

What awaits you in the ‘Studier:bar’?

‘Studier:bar’ workshop series
‘Studier:bar’ workshop series
Picture: Sophie Bartholome

Various workshops on study-related topics are offered each semester – some are for specific subjects, while others are relevant to all faculties.

The following topics are covered in the workshops:

  • ‘Good organizational skills and time management’
  • ‘Learning to learn’
  • ‘Academic work’
  • ‘Procrastination’
  • ‘Coping with examinations’

The events will teach you lots of new methods and techniques, and you will be able to talk to other students and get all the tools you need to make it through your studies.

You will also find numerous supporting materials on study-related topics on this page – you can think of them as our ‘Studier:bar’ vending machines. And you can also contact de us whenever you like. We will be constantly expanding our range of materials. Keep checking this page for more information on other topics.

Information to download

Ziele setzen
Prioritäten setzen
Lernplan erstellen
Stay on track with your revision (template)
App testing
Illustration: artinspiring /
Numerous apps claim to improve students’ everyday lives. One of our students, Lydia, has taken a closer look at five apps for learning, relaxation and organization. She explains which of them are good study companions.
Digitale Lotsen
Our ‘digital mentors’ are experienced students at the University’s faculties who show other students how to use digital tools and provide lots of information and advice. They offer consultations on various digital tools, including those developed for specific subjects, help their fellow students use them to organize their studies, and spread the word about digitalization in departments.
Central Student Advisory Service

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Consultation hours:
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