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Friedolin 2.0

New campus management system
Prospective students do research on the computer
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The new campus management system

The current campus management system (Friedolin) is based on the software which its provider, HIS eG, will not update anymore. As a result, the University decided to migrate the existing system to the follow-up software.

The Friedolin 2.0 migration project encompasses both organizational and technical tasks. The team will, for example, examine current processes and define the future ones, including new interfaces. It will organize software training sessions and, finally, put all plans into place.

The preparation phase began which comprises several areas, for example:

  • applications, admissions, enrolment;
  • mapping study and examinations regulations;
  • student management;
  • course and examination management;
  • facility management.

Our team will keep you up-to-date with the project. Besides this website, there will be a special service desk for any enquires about the project, too.


Our project to introduce the new campus management system "HISinOne" is about to reach another milestone: The first sub-project "Application, Admission & Enrollment" will go live in phase 2 on schedule on December 1, 2021, allowing future students to apply for 18 additional master's programs [pdf, 132 kb] de using the new Friedolin 2.0 portal.

More information about the project

Past and present Expand entry


“Friedolin” is an online campus management system of the University. It supports the administrative stages of one’s studies. For instance, in the application process, while delivering notifications, or entering marks. It also enables issuing transcripts of records.

Its very beginning goes back to 1999 when the University introduced its first management system, provided by HIS GmbH. Initially called “eVV”, the product enabled the first online course catalogue. Soon the electronic version of course catalogues (“LSF”) replaced the printed ones.

Since 2005, the LSF management system has been used almost across the whole University. Because of their specific needs, the Faculty of Medicine and the University Hospital must rely on other IT solutions.

In the winter semester 2007/2008, there was the first major shift at the faculties. They replaced several study programmes with the new, module-based bachelor’s and master’s programmes for the first time. As a result, the administrative services of the University had to meet new requirements. To narrow down the increased workload, the University expanded the HISPOS system from only a few units, which had been using it by then, to the others, too.

In the winter semester 2008/2009, the first new software modules were launched at all faculties covering the humanities. Since its introduction, Friedolin has evolved into a more and more self-contained solution.

Friedolin 2.0

After HIS eG announced that it was not going to update its product anymore, the University decided to replace the existing system with a new one in 2018.

In the recent years, the University exchanged information and experience with other institutions. Moreover, it analysed the products available to the German-speaking market and was able to test a competitive product within another project. The leadership of the University finally decided by a unanimous vote to start a preliminary project with the same provider.

After both partners signed the agreement in October 2018, the University set up a steering committee. The committee was assigned the following tasks:

  • to develop a project structure;
  • to introduce supporting measures for interest groups (e.g. faculties, administrative units, IT services, student representative bodies).

In March 2019, the preliminary project started. Since last April, several introductory workshops have already taken place. At the workshops, the project team:

  • collected the requirements for the upcoming system;
  • consulted with the interest groups on their requirements.

Apart from the faculties, also other administrative units, the University Computer Centre, and students representatives took part in the workshops. Besides those, there were additional meetings with special task groups, too.

The replacement of the campus management system is estimated to last several years. Provided the preparation phase is completed successfully, the new system will be implemented gradually.

Sales manager Dr. Tom Karasek introduced the new system at the university in November 2019 Sales manager Dr. Tom Karasek introduced the new system at the university in November 2019 Image: Kerstin Schmidt
Application, Admission, and Enrolment subproject Expand entry

The application, admission, and enrolment subproject was launched in April 2020. Over the course of the following semesters, the team will put existing processes to the test, make adjustments if needed and map them into Friedolin 2.0.

The application for the summer semester 2021 for the following courses of study will start in December 2020:

  • Master of Mathematics
  • State Examination in Pharmacy (higher semesters only)
  • State Examination in Medicine (higher semesters only)
  • State examination in dentistry (only higher semesters)

Application for these courses: de

Organizational chart Expand entry

Responsibilities and projects can be found in the organizational chart below (click on the picture to enlarge; in German):

organizational chart organizational chart Image: Universität Jena