Student Philipp chatting with a prospective student

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Pepper our students with questions about their studies!
Student Philipp chatting with a prospective student
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How does it feel to study in Jena? What do you have to consider when choosing a degree programme? And how is everyday life at the university? Our students will answer all your questions and share their own experiences. Ask away!

If you would like to speak to Lydia please write an email.

Student Lydia

Subjects: English & Geography (Teacher Training)

Topics: Lydia will be happy to answer any questions you might have about teacher training, adjusting to your studies, and everyday university life.

Lydia Strohdach Lydia Strohdach Image: Universität Jena

Jena is the ideal combination of city life and proximity to nature. The young and colorful atmosphere is largely shaped by  many students. The fact that I can switch off from the stressful everyday university life in the afternoon on the 'Saale-Horizontale' is a luxury for me. I like the variety of practical and theoretical training in my studies.

Student Lydia