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Erasmus+ ICM and Eastern Partnerships
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Erasmus+ ICM

Apart from teaching and researching at one of our European partner universities, you can apply for a stay at one of our partner institutions in these countries:

  • Armenia
  • Georgia
  • India
  • Israel
  • Japan
  • Canada
  • Korea
  • Republic of Moldova
  • Ukraine
  • USA

Your advantages

  • Hone your language skills or learn a new language on-site.
  • Exchange your views and experience of innovative teaching methods with your colleagues.
  • Your stay abroad is considered a business trip and can be fully financed.
  • All-round services while organizing your teaching-related stays abroad or professional training courses by the International Office and the host university.
Who may apply?
  • Professors and other members of academic staff with a valid contract of employment with  the University
  • Persons teaching at the University based on contracts for services
  • Teaching associates of the University
What are the requirements?

Each teaching assignment must include at least eight teaching hours (teaching units) per week at the foreign university. The business trip generally lasts between one week (five working days plus one day for arrival and departure) and 14 days. The teaching assignment can only take place at one of our Erasmus+ partner universities. For possible partner universities, please contact the Erasmus+ coordinator of your department.

What does happen after the approval?

Congratulations, the International Office send you the approval of the application for a grant! Now you can focus on the practical organization of your stay abroad. These include:

  • arranging the date and scope of your stay
  • arranging activities with the institutions you want to visit
  • preparing the Mobility Agreement (teaching assignment)
  • requesting an approval for a business trip (QISRKAExternal link)
  • booking a trip in a travel agency or online.

Do you need further information on business trips? Please contact the Office for Travel Expenses de.

Before the start of the mobility, you must submit the following documents to the International Office:

  • Mobility Agreement (signed)
  • Grant Agreement (you will receive it from the International Office).

After the end of the mobility, please submit the following documents to the International Office:

  • complete travel expenses statement with original receipts (fare tickets, accommodation)
  • EU forms: Letter of Confirmation, report.
Partner universities


  • Yerevan State University


  • Ivane Javakhisvili Tbilisi State University


  • Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Pune Society


  • Haifa University
  • Hebrew University
  • Tel Aviv University


  • Chiba University
  • Saitama University


  • University of Waterloo


  • Chung-Ang University

Republic of Moldova

  • Moldova State University


  • Ivan Franko National University Lviv


  • University of Arizona

You can apply for funding in the Staff Training Assignment programme at the International Office.

Application period: ongoing (approval depending on the available funds)

You can find the application form below (“Downloads”).

Please submit your documents to:

International Office
Mrs Jana Blumenstein
Fürstengraben 1, UHG
07743 Jena


Documents to be submitted


Documents and deadlines

Before the stay abroad

Mobility Agreement (working plan)

  • governs the recognition of the work done abroad
  • must be signed by the guest university and FSU Jena
  • a copy must be submitted to the International Office, completely signed before departure
  • the original must be kept for any later changes
  • deadline: it must be discussed with specialist coordinators and drawn up before departure

Grant Agreement

  • governs the way funding from the ERASMUS+ programme is shared between the employees and the FSU
  • the original must be signed and submitted to the International Office
  • deadline: before departure

During the stay abroad

Letter of Confirmation

  • confirms the duration of the stay and number of the teaching hours during the stay at the guest university
  • the original must be signed and submitted to the International Office
  • deadline: no later than four weeks after the return journey with a statement

After the stay abroad

Survey of the EU

  • Please complete the survey of the EU online! You will receive an automated e-mail requesting you to do this after the end of your stay abroad.
Language courses

Do you want to brush up your language skills for the upcoming stay abroad or need to learn a new language? The Language Centre of the University offers preparatory courses in a wide variety of languages. Alternatively, many host universities offer language courses, too, so you might want to register for a language course abroad.

  • Language Centre


Jana Blumenstein
University Main Building, Room 0.22
Fürstengraben 1
07743 Jena

Eastern university partnerships

The University is committed to extend its excellent relationships in the Caucasus region beyond Georgia and to strengthen its scientific position sustainably. It strives for institutionalizing the exchange of visiting scientists and scholars with the partner universities and promotes young researchers.

Our specific funding programme for the Caucasus region gives you the opportunity to exchange with colleagues from the following institutions:

  • Armenia: Yerevan State University
  • Georgia: Ivane Javakhisvili Tbilisi State University
  • Russian Federation: Saint Petersburg State University and Moscow State University

Your advantages

Being a visiting academic at one of the partner universities or hosting your foreign colleagues in Jena, you can:

  • extend scientific collaborations in the countries listed above.
  • sustain the high visibility of the academic exchange in the partner countries and selected institutions.
  • support young researchers at the partner universities or offer a high-quality supervision of projects in Jena.


What does the funding include?
      • Stays abroad for German and foreign academics, students, and graduates.

Participants from our university:

  • reimbursement of travel expenses (as defined in the Thuringian Travel Expenses Act)

Participants from other universities:

  • reimbursement of travel expenses related to your stay in Jena (i.e. lump sums granted by the DAAD)

When does the participating departments receive their funds?

Every year, all departments participating in the funding programme receive a notification stating a fixed amount based on their application as at March 2016.

This website will provide you with support with the complete administration of the programme – all the necessary forms can be found at the end of the page. Please ensure that the deadlines are observed!

Does your guest require an invitation letter?

Please use a template below (“Downloads”), adjust the information accordingly, and send the final version of the invitation letter (including the stamp of the institute and signature) directly to your guest.

Do you need an account assignment for the travel agency/for the business trip request in QUISRKA web portal?

Please give us the details of the business trip planned. We will send you a booking form with all the necessary details for the account assignment.

You must book a business trip yourself. After the end of the business trip, you must enter the missing data into QUISRKA web portal and submit a printed travel expenses form to the International Office, including the receipts and the complete account assignment form (“Buchungsbegleitschein”).

How does visiting scientist or scholars on a short-term stay in Jena receive their costs reimbursed?

Your guests must submit the form “Abruf_Aufenthaltskosten.pdf”. The International Office then issues the account assignment form and send it to the Division for Finances. As a host department, you will then be informed about the next possible date on which your guest can collect the cheque at the Division for Finances (Please refer to the circular letter from the Division for Finances on issuing cheques from 11 January 2018.)

A doctoral candidate is coming to your department for three months. How can the quest receive a scholarship?

The scholarship holder must submit the form “Abruf_Stipendium.pdf”. The International Office then issues the account assignment form and send it to the Division for Finances. As a host department, you will then be informed about the next possible date on which your guest can collect the cheque at the Division for Finances (Please refer to the circular letter from the Division for Finances on issuing cheques from 11 January 2018.)

What are the deadlines for the submission of applications/request forms mentioned above?

Please submit the applications to the International Office by the closing date of the call for applications (refer to your yearly notification of funds granted). If your guest should arrive earlier, the application must be submitted to the International Office at least 14 days before the arrival to prepare the cheque in time. If the application is submitted later, we cannot guarantee the cheque being issued at short notice.

Final report

Please write a mandatory report on the mobility completed. We recommend you to schedule the time for completing the report together with your guest/your scholarship holder, as far as possible, together with the colleague(s) at the partner university.

New projects

Do you want to propose a new project with one of the partner universities above? Please do not hesitate to contact the International Office that reviews all new project proposals annually.

Please use the project application form below.

Changes to existing projects

Have there been any changes to the project proposed, for example, related to the measures planned or finances? Please inform us in good time, so that we can adjust the funds available (e.g. increased or reduced demand).

Eurasian university partnerships
  •  Departments: Invitation template
  • Before the planned mobility: Call for costs of the stay
  • After the end of the mobility: Final report incoming (guests)
  • For information: DAAD leaflet
  • Departments: Project application
  • Before the planned mobility: Call for the scholarship
  • After the end of the mobility: Final report outgoing (FSU travellers)

Do you have any further questions? Please write an e-mail to: 

Julia Frießleben
Julia Friessleben