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Project "Natural sciences in industry and society: contact, mentoring, communication and cooperation"

A project of Graduate Academy funded by Joachim Herz Foundation
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With the project "Natural sciences in industry and society: contact, mentoring, communication and cooperation", the Joachim Herz Foundation supports the expansion of the programme to support young researchers at the Graduate Academy.

The project aims at strengthening the transfer paths between academic natural sciences on one side and industry and society on the other side:

  • the transfer through individual career development after the doctoral and postdoc phase,
  • the transfer through science communication in the context of a "third mission" and
  • the transfer through joint research in the framework of doctoral research projects in cooperation with companies and associations.

The project has four subprojects: contact, mentoring, communication, cooperation.
The project is funded by the Joachim Herz Foundation for a period of 5 years (2019 - 2023).

Insights in the subprojects

Different career paths
Illustration: Melissa Fiebig
Doctoral candidates have the chance to participate in workshops on career orientation and career development, talk to alumni who work in fields outside academia and meet company representatives.
Scientist holding a megaphone
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Through professional guidance, the admitted doctoral candidates have the opportunity to develop their own communication strategy and implement it in social media.
Wegweiser Karriere Mentoring
Graphic: Melissa Fiebig
The Programme aims at supporting doctoral candidates in the natural sciences preparing for a career in industry and society, providing them with better access to career-relevant networks, and developing and expanding their competence profile for the non-academic job market.
Application-oriented teaching
Joint research PhD projects with partners from industry
In order to ensure an adequate collaboration between industry and academia, binding standards will be developed and implemented within pilot projects. Further information will follow in the summer semester 2022.
  • Funded by the Joachim Herz Foundation
Project coordination
Gabi Julia Schopf
Graduate Academy
Gabi Schopf
Haus für den wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchs - Zur Rosen
Johannisstraße 13
07743 Jena