German as an Academic Language

These courses review German grammar, punctuation, and capitalisation for students who have German as their mother tongue and want to improve their German for academic purposes.
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Often enough, students are insecure when it comes to writing the types of texts required at university level. We offer courses that will extensively review how the German language works and how you can produce correct and comprehensible texts.

You can find the current courses as well as all information about these courses in the online administration system FriedolinExternal link.

In the following, you can find an overview that includes an indication of course content.


Academic German; how to express yourself well in writing

Students with German as a mother tongue who feel insecure when writing German texts can review and deepen their knowledge of German capitalisation, punctuation, and grammar. Correct use of indirect speech as well as learning how to use the Duden as a tool are also part of the course.

Our aim is that, after passing the course, you will be able to write confidently and correctly in German irrespective of the context.

Written German with Confidence

This course offers students with German as their mother tongue the possibility to learn intensively how to use German grammar, punctuation and capitalisation correctly in order to write texts confidently.

Similar to the course Academic German; how to express yourself well in writing, you will also learn how to use the Duden as a tool. However, your workload is much higher[H1]: there will be plenty of time for practice and weekly tests.

German for the Law

This course is geared towards students of Law who need to be confident and correct when it comes to punctuation and the formation and meaning of subjunctives.

You will also learn how to use the Duden as a tool. Additionally, you will learn how to write comprehensible texts, so that there will be no talk in future about incomprehensible legalese.


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