A tradition at the University Jena since 1913.
Image: Pixabay / Klaus Reiser

In 1913, Dr. Wolrad Eigenbrodt (1860 - 1921) founded the first Swedish seminar in the German speaking area at the University Jena. Despite his bad health, he taught Swedish language and contemporary Scandinavian literature for 16 semesters.

Until the 1950s, Swedish was part of the University Jena. Then, it vanished from the programme and the memory of Wolrad Eigenbrodt faded. Since 1990, Swedish has once again been taught at the university and Eigenbrodt’s passion has been revived. In honour of the 100th anniversary in 2013, the FSU hosted a five-day festival. A memorial plaque for Dr. Wolrad Eigenbrodt was put up and many Swedish-themed events took place. You can find a review of the anniversary event 100 Jahre Schweden in Jena online.

The Swedish courses at the Language Centre are offered at a range of levels. With around 100 enthusiastic participants every semester, interest in the Swedish language remains high. Given the untouched nature or the open character of the Scandinavians, their (coffee) culture or the similarities of the languages, there are many reasons to learn Swedish.
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Head of the Northern European Languages Section

Dr. Joachim Boldt