Prospective students in front of an information board

Application & enrolment

Entering the course of your choice
Prospective students in front of an information board
Image: Christoph Worsch (University of Jena)

The process of applying

To pursue a degree, you must meet the requirements, apply, and enrol.

You will find information about the admission requirements of individual study programmes and fields of study in the Study Programme Database.

For undergraduate study programmes (bachelor’s degree, state examination, and Diplom study programmes), you usually just need a valid secondary school leaving certificate. However, in some subjects there are additional requirements, for example, passing aptitude tests or fulfilling certain language requirements. Some study programmes and fields of study also have admission restrictions (“numerus clausus” or “NC”).

For advanced study programmes, such as master's programmes, there are often more complex requirements to fulfil. You will find details about this in the Study Programme Database.

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