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Call for application: PhD workshop ”Strategies for Intercultural Learning and Multilingualism for European Campuses”

A workshop on strategies for intercultural learning and multilingualism on European campuses
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Image: Jens Meyer (University of Jena)


The next PhD workshop „Strategies for Intercultural Learning and Multilingualism for European Campuses“ will be held from Monday, April 17th until Friday, April 21st 2023 at the University of Jena.

The Workshop is part of the initiatives of VIQUE, the EC2U Virtual Institute for Quality Education (https://ec2u.euExternal link), which peculiarly combines research, training, and innovation in advanced studies to promote quality education in the fields of language, social and cultural diversity in Europe.  

Following the previous PhD-workshops in Iaşi, Poitiers and Coimbra, now the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena is going to host a spring workshop for European campuses focusing strategies for intercultural learning and multilingualism.  

The workshop will be held in a blended learning setting, integrating virtual and in-person elements. It combines digital phases for preparation and a follow-up with an intensive working phase in physical presence in Jena, consisting of lectures, thematic workshops as well as workshops for PhD exchange. The virtual phases include an intercultural simulation game, linking theory with practice and concluding in an online evaluation of the whole workshop. Participants will discuss and reflect the workshop regarding its potential for higher education teaching in multilingual and multicultural contexts. The main language of the whole programme will be English.

The digital preparation will take place in the week before the workshop begins, the virtual follow-up within the following weeks of the phase in Jena.

The theoretical lectures, held by renowned scientists from and outside of the EC2U alliance, will introduce the participants to core concepts of intercultural communication and multilingualism and discuss current trends of research. The practice part will focus on ways to establish multilingual practices in the classroom as well as on tools and methods for intercultural learning (intercultural problem solving, classroom activities, interdisciplinary approaches etc.). Last but not least, doctoral students’ sessions, held by the participants themselves, will be organised in form of methodological workshops and provide space for the participants to exchange their research topics, to discuss problems and difficulties which came up during the doctoral studies, as well as the general proceeding in different periods of the doctorate. 

  • Who can apply?

    The participants should be PhD students at the University of Jena. Research associates, which are PhD students at the University of Jena, can apply as well. The number of places is limited.  

  • How can you apply?

    Please, follow this link for your application, the deadline is 16.02.2023 link  

  • Financing

    The workshop is free of charge

  • Commitments

    The selected participants commit to take part in all activities of the official program of the workshop, including the virtual preparation and follow-up. The participants will receive a confirmation of participation at the end of the workshop. 

    For the acquisition of ECTS (3), participants are required to participate actively in the different lectures and workshops (on-/offline), group presentations, and activities. They are also required to present individually a research project and send in a final assessment (learning reflection). 


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