Test of Reading Competence

In some Master or Bachelor programmes, as well as in teacher training, it is necessary to provide evidence of a second modern foreign language.

Some students cannot demonstrate their language skills in a second modern foreign language through their secondary school transcript of records. If you have taken part in language courses at the university or elsewhere, you can obtain evidence of the second modern foreign language by taking the test of reading competence. Thus, you do not need to take a general B1 language course, but you should bear in mind that it demonstrates only reading competence.

Tests and special preparatory courses are offered only when demand and personnel capacity are sufficient.


The test of reading competence is not valid for students of Political Science. These students must provide evidence of B2 reading competence by taking the test Reading for Political Science. Please consult the Institute for Political Science de (Institut für Politikwissenschaft) concerning enrolment, dates, and examination condictions.

  • Preparatory courses

    We offer preparatory courses for specific languages. Please consult the online administration system FriedolinExternal link for information about current courses.

    The preparatory courses for the test of reading competence are explicitly marked as such.

  • Examination date, time, & place

    We offer the test of reading competence once a semester so that you are able to attempt it several times during a standard period of study at Bachelor level. Therefore, there is no re-examination. The test takes usually place towards the end of the semester so that you can take part in preparatory courses beforehand.

    Next examination date

    The next tests of reading competence take place the ddth of month yyyy from hh pm to hh.mm pm.

    • English (not for Political Science): building, room
    • French: building, room
    • Polish, Russian: building, room
    • Italian, Portuguese, Spanish: building, room
    • Norwegian, Swedish: building, room

    You should bring your THOSKA card and your own dictionary if necessary.

    Please note that a dictionary is not allowed for Norwegian, and Swedish due to the linguistic characteristics of the languages.

  • Examination conditions & requirements

    You have 60 minutes to read a text of medium difficulty, with approx. 2000 print characters (one and a half A4 pages), and to work through the tasks. The accuracy of the reading comprehension is determined through the special setting of the tasks. The setting may be a translation in the general sense or questions concerning the text (multiple choice is also possible).

    You are allowed to use your own dictionary – except for Dutch, Norwegian, and Swedish.

    Please note that pocket dictionaries are generally not useful as they do not provide the wide range of vocabulary needed.

  • Passing the test

    You are deemed to have passes the test when you can provide an interpretation (in German) of the text in the general sense or when you can respond (in German) to questions. Detailed translations of individual sentences are not required as the aim of the test is demonstrate overall comprehension of the text and key details.

    If you pass the test, you will receive a confirmation – there is no grade.

  • Enrolment & costs

    You can enrol for the test of reading competence via the online administration system FriedolinExternal link.

    The test of reading competence is free of charge.