ERASMUS+ support

Amount of financial support according to country categories
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The ERASMUS+ support contains:

  • No study fees at your host university. Insurance costs, student social contributions and costs for the use of teaching materials do not count as tuition fees.
  • a financial grant, the ERASMUS + scholarship. A stay of between three and twelve months is eligible. The ERASMUS + funding is paid according to country groups and is therefore dependent on the general cost of living in the host country.

General funding for the year 2019/20:

Group of Countries 1:

420 Euro

Group of Countries 2:

360 Euro

Group of Countries 3:

300 Euro

Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, France, Italy, Netherlands, Malta, Austria, Portugal, Spain Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Turkey

Further information you will find here: guide to the ERASMUS+ funding.


It is possible that in some cases not all months of stay can be funded. The exact calculation of the funding depends on the number of participants and can therefore only be calculated at short notice. Nominated ERASMUS + students can find the exact amount in their funding notification.

Special support for severely disabled and students with children Show content

Severely disabled people and students with children can apply for special funds. If approved, these will be paid in addition to the regular funding rates (according to the country scale see above).

You can receive an application for special funding from the International Office of the FSU. You will find the contact persons and office hours here.

Multiple funding by ERASMUS+ Show content

Since the academic year 2014/15, students have been able to participate in the ERASMUS program several times. You have 12 months of mobility (study and/or internship) available for each stage of study (BA, MA - PhD). This corresponds to a maximum of 3 (study sections) x 12 months (max. Duration) = 36 months.

Students whose courses are not divided into Bachelor and Master can also take full advantage of the new multiple funding at ERASMUS + (state examination - PhD). Until the first degree, students have 24 months of mobility (study and / or internship). This corresponds to a funding period of 1 (first stage of study) x 24 months (max. Duration) plus 1 (second stage of study) x 12 months (max. Duration) = 36 months.

ERASMUS+ and BAföG Show content

The ERASMUS + study mobility allowance is only credited to the BAföG abroad from 300 monthly. It is advisable to find out about any changes in the granting of scholarships to the BAföG on the website at www.bafö It is also advisable to submit an application for foreign funding to the responsible offices for training funding at an early stage.

For further information go here.

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