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If you are already enrolled at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena and would like to continue your studies in the next semester, you just have to re-register early enough. This is possible from mid-June onwards before every winter semester and from mid-December onwards before every summer semester. Please transfer the current semester fee (and other fees if you are liable for such) to the University’s bank account. For a winter semester, this should be completed by 15 August, whereas for a summer semester by 15 February. For exact deadlines, please refer to the information here. When the transfer is carried out, with the correct reference code and the correct sum, the system will re-activate you student account in a few days. Afterwards you can revalidate your thoska card, register for courses in Friedolin, and print out certificates of student status and data sheets. Mission accomplished!


People with disabilities are exempt from paying the train ticket and the public transport ticket within the semester fee by submitting the attachment to your certificate with a valid stamp. Please pay the semester fee in full and contact the Student Service Centre afterwards in order to have the part of it reimbursed.


If you miss the re-registration deadline or do not carry it out properly for any other reason, it does not necessarily mean that your enrolment is terminated immediately. For a late fee of €25, you can re-register by the Friday of the second week in the lecture period. If you realize that your re-registration is not completed in spite of your transfer, please visit the Student Service Centre or send an e-mail. Sometimes difficulties may occur when assigning the incoming payments. In such cases, please submit a bank statement or a cash payment receipt from the bank to prove that you transferred your money.

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