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Tenure-Track Professorships

Overview of tenure-track professorships at University of Jena
Professor in a lecture
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Tenure-Track Professors appointed since 2017

Friedrich Schiller University has been appointing more and more young researchers into Tenure-Track professoral positions since 2017. This appointment practice is part of the university's long-term strategy to appoint 20 percent of all new professors as Tenure-Track professors and thereby lower the academic age at which these young academics receive their first call for a professoral position. Since 2017, Friedrich Schiller University Jena was able to announce 12 additional Tenure-Track professoral positions, as part of the Tenure-Track Programme of the German Government and the Lander. To present, candidates from 10 disciplines have been succesfully appointed and are now in the first phase of their Tenure Track.

Below, you will find an overview of all professorships with Tenure Track at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena(with and without funding of the Programme). For more information, please visit the website of the  Appointment Procedures Department. de

  • Tenure-Track Professors at FSU

    Professors currently on Tenure Track (within and without BMBF Programme)


    Corporate Development, Innovation and Economic Change:

    • Jun Prof. Dr. Matthias Menter (appointed as of 01.10.2018)   
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    Didactics of the romanic school languages

    • Jun Prof. Dr. Lukas Eibensteiner (appointed as of 01.11.2020)    
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    Digitalised Experimental Microscopy:

    • Jun Prof. Dr. Christian Franke (appointed as of 01.10.2020)    
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    Digital Humanities, Focus on Image- and Object Data:

    • Jun Prof. Dr. Sander Münster (appointed as of 01.10.2019)    
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    Experimental Physics - Optics of Two-Dimensional Bodies:

    Functional Proteome Analysis:

    General / Systematic Educational Sciences

    • Jun Prof. Dr. Nele Kuhlmann (appointed as of 01.04.2021)   
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    German Medieval Studies

    • Jun Prof. Dr. Sophie Marshall (appointed as of 01.10.2017)    
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    Molecular medicine of life-threatening infections

    • Jun Prof. Dr. Adrian Tibor Press (appointed as of 01.02.2021)    
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    Physics and its Didactics:

    • Jun Prof. Holger Cartarius (appointed as of 01.09.2019)   
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    Political Science, Focus on International Organisations:

    Public Law, with a focus on transnational administrative law:

    • Jun Prof. Dr. Anika Klafki (appointed as of 01.10.2019)   
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    Romanic Linguistics French and Italian

    • Jun Prof. Dr. Thomas Scharinger (appointed as of 01.04.2019)   
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    Romanistics, Romanian Studies

    • Jun Prof. Dr. Valeska Bopp-Filimonov (appointed as 28.09.2017)   
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    Scalable data- and compute-intense analyses

    Social Geography:

    Synthetic Biotechnology of photosynthetic Microorganisms:

    • Jun Prof. Dr. Julie Zedler (appointed as of 01.07.2019)    
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    Systematic Theology/Ethics

    • Jun Prof. Dr. Sarah Jäger (appointed as of 01.10.2021)    
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    Theoretische Physik - Quantenfeldtheorie

    • Jun Prof. Dr. Stefan Flörchinger (appointed as of 01.01.2022)   
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    Alumni of the Programme (Appointed Life Time Professorships)

    Visualisation and explorative Data Analysis:

    • Prof. Dr. Kai Lawonn (Tenure Track in Jena 2019-21; appointed ordinary professor as of 01.10.2021)   
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