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students in the main library builiding
Image: Jens Meyer (University of Jena)
Schülerin vor einem Gebäude
Before your studies start
Orientation and assistance for those interested in studying
During your studies
Organizing your studies, deadlines, stay abroad and more
Student liest Stellenangebot
After your studies
Taking on new challenges: your career start
Studierende vor dem Hauptgebäude der Universität
study programme
More than 200 study subjects
Studieninteressierter am Laptop
Application & enrolment
Entering the course of your choice
Banner des IB heißt alle am UHG in 27 Sprachen willkommen
Beginning of studies for international students
Information for international students on the beginning of their ...
Studieninteressierte im Orientierungsseminar
Advisory and other services
Support relating to your studies
Campus von oben
Virtual discovery tours
Explore the university
Symbolbild Coronavirus
Corona FAQ for students
Questions and answers about studying during the corona virus
Continuing education
more information
Fotografieren mit dem Handy
Programmes for all ages
University for the curious
Formular ausfüllen
Forms and downloads
Further information
Central Student Advisory Service
University Main Building
Fürstengraben 1
07743 Jena
+49 3641 9-411111
+49 3641 9-411112
Opening hours:
Monday 9:00‒13:00
Tuesday 9:00‒13:00 and 14:00‒18:00
Wednesday 11:00‒13:00 and 14:00‒16:00
Thursday 9:00‒13:00 and 14:00‒16:00
Friday 9:00‒13:00

If you wish an individual consultation, please arrange an appointment in person or by telephone.
Student Service Centre
University Main Building, Room E065
Fürstengraben 1
07743 Jena
+49 3641 9-41111
+49 3641 9-41112
Opening hours:
Monday 10:00‒13:00
Tuesday 10:00‒18:00
Wednesday 10:00‒13:00
Thursday 10:00‒16:00
Friday 10:00‒13:00

Consultation by telephone:
Monday 9:00‒12:00 and 14:00‒16:00
Tuesday 9:00‒12:00
Wednesday 9:00‒12:00 and 14:00‒16:00
Thursday 9:00‒12:00
Friday 9:00‒12:00

Postal address:
Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
07737 Jena
International Office - International students
University Main Building
Fürstengraben 1
07743 Jena
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