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Strengthen your Mental Well-Being

Offers of Friedrich Schiller University
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Preventing permanent stress

Workshop Workshop Image: Jan-Peter Kasper (University of Jena)

To help you with a healthy work-life balance andpersonal stress management, the university regularly offers workshops on

  • Work-Life Balance
  • Work-Family Balance
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Tension Release and Relaxation

Please search the Graduate Academy's qualification programme (in the Category Communication, Leadership and Management), and the programme of the Division for Staff Devepoment.

If you would like a flexible training tool, you can also use the online self learning programme "Stress im Griff" de (in German), provided by the university's staff development division in cooperation with AOK.

Connecting with other doctoral researchers

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You can connect with other doctoral researchers and postdocs through the Graduate Academy's workshops and events.

The Doctoral Council DR.FSU provides a number of opportunities to meet other young researchers, i.e. at the regular's table DocTable or at the frequent barbecue events called "HotDocs", as well as  a variety of in online meetings and events.

Exercise, sports, and healthy eating

Yoga in paradise park Yoga in paradise park Image: Anne Günther (University of Jena)

In the university sports programme you will find a variety of different sports offers, from Aerobics to Volleyball and more. Everyone is invited to participate!

In addition, there are special health-oriented sports offers for employees de of Jena university.

An overview of further offers of the university on the topic "physical activity" can be found here de (in German). There are also various offers and information on the topic of healthy eating by the Staff Development department.

Making critical decisions

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Do I go through with my doctorate or do I quit the project? Do I maybe need another research topic or another supervisor? Should I stay in academia after the doctorate or not?

For critical decisions, it can be helpful to talk to an external person who looks at these issues with broader experience and from a different perspective. In the doctorate counselling and in the career counselling for doctoral candidates and postdocs, you can get support for your personal decisions around your PhD and career.

Taking a positive view towards your professional future after the PhD

The Graduate Academy offers you various orientation opportunities for your career path after your doctorate and supports you in making a good transition.

Managing Conflicts

Two conflict parties and a mediator Two conflict parties and a mediator Image:

In the qualification programme of the Graduate Academy (category Communication, Leadership and Management) you will regularly find workshops on conflict management as well as on effective communication.

In cases of conflict with your supervisor or your team, you can contact the Graduate Academy's doctorate counsellor for initial advice. There you will also find the Ombudsman's Office of the Graduate Academy, which can help with conflicts between doctoral candidates and supervisors. For conflicts around good scientific practice and scientific misconduct, you can contact the university's confidants.

If you would like general conflict moderation or mediation, you can contact the Staff Development Division.

Further contact persons in cases of conflict can be found in the Staff Council de, the Equal Opportunities Office and the Diversity Office.