student submits application online

Application & Admission

student submits application online

Next call for applications runs from 3 April to 8 May, 2023. You can apply via the application portalExternal link.

Who may apply?

The University encourages top-performing students of all disciplines, who have a particular interest in, and a considerable talent for, research, to apply for the programme. Students may apply if they are studying in a Bachelor's, Master's or state examination programme, and if they are enrolled for at least 4 semesters within one field of study.

Students shall apply together with a professor or an advanced postdoctoral researcher from FSU who shall later supervise and lead the student to individual research activities. If it is a postdoctoral researcher supervising the student, the researcher shall have conducted research for at least two years after the doctorate and shall stay at the University for at least one more year in order to supervise the student.

How to apply?

application online
application online

Student applicants must submit:

  • a motivation letter;
  • CV;
  • final certificates, academic achievements of previous studies;
  • a proposal stating the student’s individual involvement in research activities for the upcoming months (1–2 pages) with
    • a roughdraft of their own research project resp. of the subsection of a joint research project,
    • a description of the planned supervison and
    • their intended participation in academic exchange (e.g. participation in research groups or colloquia)

Upon prior agreement with the supervisor, the proposal should be written by the student and signed by both parties.

The application can be submitted in German or English. 

To the applicationExternal link

If you have any questions about the programme or the application, please feel free to email us or visit our digital office hours to discuss your questions with the programme coordinator. Please write an email to to schedule an appointment and receive dial-in information for the Zoom room.

Who decides on admission to the programme?

The Senate Committee for Young Scientists selects the students who are admitted to the programme. This year, up to 80 students can be accepted into the programme. In addition to above-average academic performance, the decisive factors for selection are a high level of motivation and an intrinsic drive to learn and development as well as a convincing concept of the student's involvement in research activities.

Other frequently asked questions about the application

I would like to apply, how do I find a supervisor?

Often the contact to a possible supervisor exists through seminars, lectures or internships. Perhaps you have also taken a particularly good exam and your lecturer becomes aware of your talent in this way. However, you do not have to wait to be approached by a professor. If you have a very good academic record and a strong interest in research, take the initiative: you can contact a professor or postdoc and tell them about your idea of applying to the Honours Programme. You can then decide together whether a joint application as a tandem is an option for both of you.

Can I apply on my own, i.e. without a professor or postdoc?

No, an application is only possible in tandem with a professor or an advanced postdoc. Honours mentoring is a central component of the programme. In order for this to work and be beneficial, it is essential that the tandem comes together on its own and with a professional fit regarding the field of reasearch and the planned project.

What is considered to be a good research project?

Depending on the field of research, you can apply with your own small research or publication project or with a subsection of a joint research project that you are responsible for. Make sure that your individual research achievement is visible and that the project goes beyond a thesis in scope and ambition. You are completely free in terms of subject matter and methodology. During the selection process, the project will be judged not only for its quality and coherence, but also for how concrete and practicable it is designed.

I'm graduating soon. Is it still worth applying?

After being selected by the Senate Committee, your membership will begin in July. Accordingly, it is recommended for you to study at least until the end of the year in order to benefit from the programme. In individual cases, there might be reasons for applying even if the membership will be shorter; we recommend that you explain the reasons for this in your application.

When will I know if my application was successful?

The selection process is complex and takes some time. You will be informed at the end of the lecture period whether you will be accepted into the Honours Programme. Your membership is then expected to begin in July.

I have individual questions about the programme or the application process. Who can I contact?

If you have any questions about the programme or the application, please feel free to email us or meet us at our digital consultation hours each Wednesday, 1-2 p.m. Please write to to schedule an appointment and receive the dial-in information for the Zoom meeting.