Students talking in the library

During your studies

Organization, advice & service
Students talking in the library
Image: Christoph Worsch (University of Jena)

A course of study will not organize itself. Semester dates, choosing courses, submission deadlines, a semester abroad, or perhaps life alongside your studies—it is you who must keep those in mind and organize your studies yourself. To give you a hand, we have collected all relevant information on studying for you on the following pages.

Students in the university
Manage your studies well from the outset
Student writes appointments in a calendar
Academic calendar
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What you need to know about the curriculum
Methods and techniques for a successful degree
Ein Set von Werkzeugen
Support for learning and study organization
Paper light bulb
Think things over and find your way forward.
Gesund studieren trotz Corona
For a healthy campus life and studies
Students at work
WiFi study spaces, group study spaces, and computer workstations
job offer
Keeping your goal in sight
Students in Jena
The academic career already starts during the studies
From Jena into the world
signpost university jena
What else is there in Jena to do?
Students walking across the campus of the University of Jena
How to take part in the committee elections.