Excellence Cluster Balance of the Microverse Jena

Cluster of Excellence 'Balance of the Microverse'

With 'Balance of the Microverse' the University is successfully contributing to Germany’s Excellence Strategy.
Excellence Cluster Balance of the Microverse Jena
Image: Anna Schroll

Excellent research on dynamic balances of microbial communities

Balance of the Microverse is a research cluster that, on September 27, 2018, was selected as one of the Clusters of Excellences to be funded by the German Excellence Strategy Programme.

Complex microorganisms can be found in nearly all habitats on our earth. Their interactions between each other, with other organisms and with their environment are of great significance for the functioning of ecosystems, our climate and the well-being of plants, animals and humans. Anthropogenic impact or infectious microorganisms can cause a dramatic imbalance in microbial communities, resulting in the deterioration of ecosystems, weather extremes, severe crop loss or diseases. The vision of the Microverse Cluster is to investigate the dynamic balance of complex microbial communities from the molecular to the ecosystem level. This should enable us to develop new technologies to maintain the balance or restore it.

The Cluster combines the expertise of the profile lines LIFE and LIGHT in microbiology, chemical biology, infection biology, clinical medicine, ecology, optics/photonics, materials science, bioinformatics, and ethics at the University, the University Hospital, and eight non-university research institutes. The Cluster builds on the Graduate School Jena School for Microbial Communication, and is supported by four Collaborative Research Centres, additional coordinated research programmes, and local industry partners.

Into the Microverse


Kirsten Küsel, Univ.-Prof. Dr
Spokesperson of the Cluster "Balance of the Microverse"
Professorship Aquatic Geomicrobiology
Room 312
Dornburger Straße 159
07743 Jena
Angela Köhler, Dr
Beutenbergstraße 11a
07745 Jena
Anna Komor, Dr
Scientific coordination
Beutenbergstraße 11a
07745 Jena