Badminton-bats on the gras

Free time

Cinema, pubs, Kulturarena, kayaking – Jena offers a whole range of leisure activities.
Badminton-bats on the gras
Image: Christoph Worsch (University of Jena)

Discover the free time activity which fits you the best

A »student life« is rarely spent just in the lecture halls, seminars, or at the library. The university city of Jena offers a multifaceted range of activities – whether sports, pub crawling, activities in nature, or those for culture enthusiasts. For insider tips on nightlife, the best spots, and green oases, please visit the Studentenparadies Jena website.

If you already know a little more about what you want to do in your free time or want to find out more about what the University has to offer, take a look at one of 80 student university groups. Whether as a campus radio editor, singing in the student choir, or taking part in a debating club — you can find almost any leisure activities and social commitment you can think of.

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In the city of optics, sports are a top priority. You can find the ideal balance to your studies and meet new people on the Saale river, in the heights of the Kernberge hills, in Paradies Park, or at one of the countless University sports courses.

Zumba Zumba Image: Christoph Worsch (University of Jena)
For culture enthusiasts Expand entry

Jena also has a rich cultural life, too. One of the highlights among Jena’s festivals is the University’s »Sommerfest« de. At the end of June, the area around the botanical garden de becomes a place to walk and dance, to experience various musicians, and a fascinating laser show.

An overview of Jena’s art and culture scene can be found here.

Feuerwerk zum Sommerfest Feuerwerk zum Sommerfest Image: Jan-Peter Kasper (University of Jena)
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It is not just about culture. Jena’s scenery and surroundings have a lot to offer. You can relax in Paradies Park after a long day at the university. In summer, it is ideal for jogging and barbecuing—in the middle of Jena. If you like beautiful, but very close trips, you might also visit the Botanical Garden de and Schiller’s Garden House.

Jena is surrounded by nature. All around there are limestone rocks, perfect for hiking and climbing. A stone’s throw away and you can be in a kayak on the Saale river, standing in the middle of the forest, or on a mountain biking at one of the Jena’s hills.

Boat trip on the Saale Boat trip on the Saale Image: Anne Günther (University of Jena)
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Jena offers bars, pubs and clubs throughout the city for night revellers. A good place to go is Wagnergasse with a number of bars, restaurants, and venues. But there are also other places in the city where you can spend the late hours. Why not go take a discovery tour?

Jentower by night Jentower by night Image: Anne Günther (University of Jena)
For committed individuals Expand entry

Being part of the initial support, you can be a mentor for international students and help them, for example, during their enrolment, while opening a bank account, or registering at the University Computer Centre. You will also accompany them to the registration office and student services organization. Mentors of the International Office also help with the time table and provide an insight into student life in Jena.

International students International students Image: Daniel Hofmann

Student groups

Initiatives Expand entry

AIESEC Local Committee Jena, Germany

Akrützel – studentisches Hochschulmagazin

"Aktiv, engagiert und motiviert"

Amnesty International Gruppe Jena

AMS – Marxistische Hochschulgruppe Jena

Antifaschistische Hochschulgruppe Jena

Arbeitsgruppe Lehramt

Arbeitskreis kritischer Jurist*innen

Arbeitskreis Kritische Theorie der Naturwissenschaften

Association Pomme de Terre

attac Hochschulgruppe Jena

biotechnologische Studenteninitiative e. V.

Campusradio Jena

CampusCouch de

cellu lart Festival Jena e. V.

Cradle to Cradle – Hochschulgruppe

Debattiergesellschaft Jena e. V.

dieLinke.SDS Jena

Elsa – Jena e. V.

Enactus Jena

ESN Jena

European Geography Association (EGEA)

Falken Jena Hochschulgruppe

Förderverein der Fachschaft Wirtschaftswissenschaften der Universität Jena e. V.

Freimut – Diskussionsforum Jena

gbs Hochschulgruppe Jena für Säkularen Humanismus

Gemeinschaft für studentischen Austausch in Mittel- und Osteuropa

Georgischer Studentenverein an der Uni Jena – "LILEO"

GI Studierendengruppe Jena

GuT – Geduld und Theorie

Go Hochschulgruppe

Goldene Zwanziger e. V. – Agentur für Kommunikation

Good Game Tactics

Greenpeace-Hochschulgruppe Jena

Gruppe Odysseus

Grüne Hochschulgruppe Jena

Hayek-Club Jena

Hiking Jena

Hochschulgruppe der DGB-Studierenden

Hochschulgruppe der Deutschen Gesellschaft für die Vereinten Nationen e. V.

Hochschulgruppe der Gewerkschaft Erziehung und Wissenschaft

Hochschulgruppe für Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik

Hochschulgruppe Leo-Club Jena "Zur Rose"

Hörsaalkino Jena e. V.

HSG Junge DGAP Jena


idea – intercultural development & exchange activities


Interbrigadas Jena

Intergrün – ökologische Linke

International Students of History Association Jena

internationale marxistinnen

Int.Ro – International Room, Referat für interkulturellen Austausch

JEF Thüringen – Junge Europäische Föderalisten Thüringen

Jena Business Strategy e. V.


Jenaer Internationaler Studentenkreis (JISK)

JenVision e. V.

Junior GBM

Juso-Hochschulgruppe Jena

Juvenile Business Society Jena

Kalmykische Hochschulgruppe


Liberale Hochschulgruppe Jena

Market Team e. V. – Geschäftsstelle Jena

Medinetz Jena

Melton Foundation

Ökologisch-Demokratische Studierende e. V.

PACT – Projekt Assessment Center Training

PARA legal – studentische Rechtsberatung

Pfadfinder – Überbündische Hochschulgruppe Jena

Phi Delta Phi – Paul Johann Anselm von Feuerbach Inn an der FSU Jena

Piraten Hochschulgruppe Jena

Plurale Ökonomik Jena

Queer Paradies – Queer Leben in Jena

Refugee Law Clinic Jena e. V.

Refugees Work

Ring Christlich-Demokratischer Studenten (RCDS)

Rotaract Club Jena

Stipendien.Netzwerk Jena

Students For Liberty Jena

Studenteninitiative für Kinder e. V. – Ortsgruppe Jena

Studentische Fachzeitschrift für Politikwissenschaft Jena

Studieren Ohne Grenzen Deutschland e. V. – Lokalgruppe Jena

Sunfried e. V.

UNICEF-Hochschulgruppe Jena

unique – interkulturelles Studentenmagazin für Jena, Weimar & Erfurt

Verein der chinesischen Studierenden und Wissenschaftler/innen Jena e. V.

ver.di Hochschulgruppe

Vietnamese Student Association

World University Service in Jena (WUS-Jena)

Youmocracy Jena

Zugvögel Jena

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