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Application process and conditions
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Are you ready for your adventure abroad?

Please read all basic conditions and application modalities carefully. If you have any questions, you can look for answers in our FAQ or contact the FSU International Office. You can find the office hours here.

All necessary forms and templates are available for download under  Forms de.

General conditions

Conditions of participation for student exchange Show content
  • You are enrolled in a course at the FSU Jena that leads to a university degree (up to and including a doctorate).
  • You have completed at least your first year of study.
  • You have sufficient knowledge of the respective national or working language in which the courses to be attended are held (usually language level B1).
Duration of the stay abroad Show content
  • 1 or 2 semesters and at least 3 months (maximum: 12 months)

Multiple opportunities with ERASMUS+: 

Since the academic year 2014/15, students have been able to participate in the ERASMUS program several times. You have 12 months of mobility (study and/or internship) available for each stage of study (BA, MA, PhD). This corresponds to a maximum of 3 study sections x 12 months (max. Duration) = 36 months.

Students whose courses are not divided into bachelor and master can also take full advantage of the new multiple funding at ERASMUS + (state examination). Until the first degree, students have 24 months of mobility (study and/or internship). This corresponds to a funding period of 1 (first stage of study) x 24 months (max. Duration) plus 1 (second stage of study) x 12 months (max. Duration) = 36 months.


Information duty Show content

Please inform yourself in advance of your application about your preferred university. You are obliged to obtain information on the range of courses, language requirements or housing options on your own responsibility. As a result, you will not only find convincing arguments for your application, but also prevent any false expectations from your stay abroad. Use the website of the host university to obtain information, in particular the information for exchange students from the international office there. Also ask the program manager / subject coordinator at the FSU Jena about any information he or she has received from the host university!

Application modalities

Application time Show content
  • 15th of January for the following academic year, starting in the winter semester
Application documents Show content

The following documents should be submitted to the ERASMUS+ coordinator of your department:

  • application form
  • tabular CV
  • motivation letter (motives for a stay abroad and the chosen university)
  • proof of sufficient language skills of the official or working language of the host country (usually B1 level)
  • list of academic achievements with grades (You can print them using the portal Friedolin)
  • letter of recommendation from a lecturer, may support the application, not a mandatory requirement

A list of the ERASMUS+ departmental coordinators can be found here.

Application process Show content
  1. Contact the international office for a consultation. You will find contact persons and office hours here de
  2. Check whether ERASMUS + exchange agreements exist for your department and are suitable for you.
  3. Contact the relevant ERASMUS+ coordinator of your department.
  4. Prepare the application documents and submit them to your ERASMUS+ coordinator. 
  5. The ERASMUS + places will be allocated based on the documents and/or selection interviews. Your coordinator will inform you directly whether you have been given a place and he/she will then nominate you to the partner university.
    1. If the application is successful, fill out the declaration of acceptance and submit it to your specialist coordinator.
    2. Fill out the application forms of the foreign host university independently and send them to the international office there. Please note the application dates of the university there!
    3. You should have received confirmation from the foreign host university about 2-3 months before the start of your stay abroad.
    4. Create the Learning Agreement, in which you define the courses you want to take abroad. You can find the courses on the websites of the host university.
      1. This Learning Agreement is signed by your ERASMUS + subject coordinator at the home and host university.
      2. As soon as the learning agreement has been signed by both universities, submit a copy to the international office immediately.
      3. If the courses offered by the host university or your course selection have changed, you must update your learning agreement, have it signed by the host university and send it immediately to your ERASMUS + subject coordinator at the FSU. The International Office then receives a copy again.
      4. You should be aiming to meet a study goal of 30 ECTS per semester.
  6. Before departure (in the re-registration period) fill out an application for a leave of absence (available from the SSZ) and have it confirmed in the IB.
General selection criteria Show content

The selection of the participants in the ERASMUS + program is at the discretion of the program managers (ERASMUS + subject coordinators) and is checked against the application documents:

  • complete application sheet
  • detailed motivation letter
  • proof of sufficient language skills of the official or working language of the host country (usually B1 level)
  • overview of academic achievements (best possible academic achievements).
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