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Organize your own part-time study

Family obligations, working 15 hours per week, illness, and top-level sports are life circumstances and activities that limit the amount of time available to study. It is therefore possible to complete a study programme as a part-time course in many fields of study at our university. For rules on part-time studies, please refer to specific study and examination regulations.

The main feature of part-time studies is that you attend the same courses as full-time students, but do not have to pass as many as they are expected to. As a result, this type of studies is mainly suitable for applicants who work or live in Jena or its direct surroundings, and also want to stay flexible regarding their work-life balance. For study programmes enabling part-time studies and corresponding information, please click here.


Part time studies cannot be funded a German student loan (“BAföG”)!  For further information, please contact the competent point of contact at the student services organization Studierendenwerk.

Who can request a change to part-time studies?

Provided that your field of study allows it, you may apply for part-time studies. Typical reasons may be family duties or a job between 20 and 30 working hours. In addition, illness or professional sport can also be recognized as reasons justifying part-time studies.

Applications and documentation

The application for changing to part-time studies or returning to a full-time study programme can be found here. Please fill in the form and submit it to the Student Service Centre, including supporting documents providing the reasons for part-time studies. Such documents may include a contract of employment, a medical certificate or the birth certificate of a new family member.


The application must be submitted by 15 September for a winter semester and by 15 March for a summer semester. Please submit your application in full, including the evidence highlighting the reason for wanting part-time study, to the Student Service Centre.

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