Head with doctoral hat

Doctoral Phase

Welcome service, advice, qualification and networking
Head with doctoral hat
Image: Jan-Peter Kasper (University of Jena)
Campus Ernst-Abbe-Platz
What is a doctorate? How do I start it? Why in Jena?
Screen showing the doc-in portal
How do I get an admission? How do I enrol?
Money clip
How do I finance a doctorate? What else do I need to know?
Moment of advice
Where can I get advice? Who are the right contact persons?
How can I get extra skills training? Which offers are available?
Hands with world map
How do I get started in Germany? How can I go abroad?
Hands united
Who represents the interests of doctoral candidates? Where can I get active?
Mother with child who wears a doctoral hat
How do I balance family and doctorate? How can I do a doctorate with a disability or chronic disease?
Sun breaks through the clouds
How can I cope well with the challenges of my PhD​? Where can I get support during a personal crisis?
Compass in hoarfrost-covered straw
16:15 · Informationsveranstaltung
Typische Karrierewege und (langfristige) Berufschancen in der Wissenschaft
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Head in front of a blackboard with symbols that are connected with doing a doctorate
12:00 · Informationsveranstaltung
Welcome to PhD Day 2023! Here you can catch up on important subjects and offers for the PhD phase
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All information about the first steps on the way to a doctorate

Social Media for Doctoral Candidates and Postdocs