Spruce tree in a symbiotic community.


LIGHT, LIFE, LIBERTY: the three Profile Lines form the core of the Friedrich Schiller University´s interdisciplinary research profile.​
Spruce tree in a symbiotic community.
Image: Jan-Peter Kasper (University of Jena)

Latest Research News

21 Jan 2022
Self-promotion as a means of self-determination and participation
New research project ot the Universities of Jena and Paderborn aims to develop a competence assessment for young people with...
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The aim of the project is to support young people with disadvantages in their transition to a job.
19 Jan 2022
Trees call for help from birds and predatory insects
Chemical ‘cry for help’ from trees verified in a natural habitat for the first time
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The "cry for help" was "heard" for the first time in the canopy of the Leipzig floodplain forest.
13 Jan 2022
Preserving northern Ethiopia’s ancient cultural heritage
Research team from University of Jena and German Archaeological Institute working with Ethiopian partners to create cultural...
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Sanctuary of the main Sabaean god Almaqah in Yeha (Tigray/Ethiopia).
12 Jan 2022
People with hearing prostheses use timbre of voice to recognise emotions
Scientists at the University of Jena study the perception of vocal emotions by people with cochlear implants
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Test person Lucas Riedel during an EEG study with cochlear implants.
10 Jan 2022
The path to clean catalysis
Chemist Prof. Martin Oschatz receives significant European research funding award
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Chemist Prof. Martin Oschatz receives an ERC Starting Grant.
7 Jan 2022
Tracing the origins of human remains from colonial contexts
University of Jena working group on colonialism with new personal and further publication on legacy of colonialism
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Inscription on the examined skull of a juvenile Massai: SA 183/"Massai"/Igt. v. Goetzen.

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3 Feb 2022
13:00 · Informationsveranstaltung
ERC Consolidator Grants. Briefing for applicants from Natural and Life Sciences
Online Event
8 Feb 2022
14:15 · Informationsveranstaltung
Unterstützungsmöglichkeiten für Gründungsideen
Online Veranstaltung
9 Mar 2022
14:00 · Informationsveranstaltung
Patentseminar I: Grundlagen des gewerblichen Rechtschutzes
Online Event
23 Mar 2022
14:00 · Informationsveranstaltung
ERC Starting Grants. European excellence programme for young researchers
Online Event
23 Mar 2022
14:00 · Informationsveranstaltung
Patentseminar II: Internationale Schutzrechtsanmeldungen
Online Event
6 Apr 2022
14:00 · Informationsveranstaltung
Patentseminar III: Patentdatenbanken als unterschätzte Informationsquelle
Online Event
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