Money and tongs

Semester fee

Pay once. Six months of services. What exactly do I get?
Money and tongs
Image: Jan-Peter Kasper (University of Jena)

The semester fee is not a tuition fee in the sense you would expect. It is a fee paid by all students at the University to receive a wide range of services. It comprises a basic fee for the student services organization Studierendenwerk, so that you can use services and university facilities. In addition, it also consists of the semester ticket for public transport, including the ticket fare VMT-Ticket, the semester ticket for rail travel (regional trains in Thuringia), and a small contribution to student representation bodies, so that they can represent your interests.

Amount and shares of the semester fee

In the summer semester 2023, the semester fee amounts to €245.60. If necessary, other fees may be added, and €20 for initial issuance of your thoska card. For an overview of the semester fees from previous semesters, please click hereExternal link.

In the summer semester 2023, the following fees will be charged for enrolment or re-registration:

€74.00 as a basic contribution to the student services organization Studierendenwerk
€99.60 for the public transport semester ticket (incl. VMT-Ticket; see Student services organizationExternal link)
€71.00 for the rail semester ticket in Thuringia (see Student services organizationExternal link)
€2.00 culture ticket
€8.00 contribution to the student body.

€245.60 semester fee for enrolled students


€500 long-term study fees (if applicable)

€745.60 semester fee for students who are liable for long-term study fees


€20 for the issuance of a personal thoska card 

€265.60 semester fee for new students and incoming students

Semester fee for enrolled students

You will receive a notification about the re-registration procedure via e-mail to your university e-mail address: You can also find out the current semester fee you have to pay, along with any other fees at: https://friedolin.uni-jena.deExternal link (Navigate to “Information on Re-Registration"). For further information, please visit this website.

Semester fee for new students

Before successfully starting your first semester, you must pay the semester fee and the fee for the thoska card, so that we can process your enrolment request. As proof of the transfer, you require a copy of the bank statement, a transaction display (online banking with “value date”) or a cash payment receipt from the bank regarding the semester fee that has been paid. Please note that simple confirmation of the transfer cannot be recognized as proof of payment even with a receipt stamp from the bank. Payment is not considered to be complete when such documents are submitted.

Transfer data

Please transfer the correct sum to the following bank account:

Recipient: Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena

IBAN:    DE09 8200 0000 0083 0015 03
BIC:       MARKDEF1820
Reference code:       231-XXXXXX-799  
                                            Family name, first name

"XXXXXX"                  =   enrolment number (“Matrikulationsnummer”)
"Surname, first name"     =   student’s first name and family name

For corresponding information, you may also visit https://friedolin.uni-jena.deExternal link. Please log in and navigate to “Information on Re-registration").


If you realize that you are not correctly re-registered or enrolled in spite of transferring your money, please come to the Student Service Centre or contact us via service deskExternal link. Sometimes difficulties may occur assigning the incoming payments. In such cases, please submit a bank statement or a cash payment receipt from the bank to prove that you transferred your money.

Student Service Centre
Opening hours:
Monday 10 - 12
Tuesday 13 - 15
Wednesday 10 - 12
Thursday 13 - 15
Friday 10 - 12

Updates / adjustments may occur at any time. Thank you for your understanding!

We currently provide advice and handle your concern solely also via phone and service desk.

You can reach us by phone
Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 11:00
Postal address:
Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
07737 Jena