Tenure-Track Qualification Programme

Starting situation

In accordance with the Statutes on the Appointment of Tenure-Track Professors at Friedrich Schiller University Jena of 17 May 2017, tenure-track professors take part in a qualification programme at the University. The programme includes activities to impart the academic and supporting knowledge and skills that are currently needed in the areas of research, teaching and leadership. The challenge is to qualify excellent professors for the University of Jena and promote a sense of independence and responsibility in junior scientists.

Aims of the qualification programme

  • To develop the personal skills of tenure-track professors by selecting and working on the necessary qualification areas
  • To support the development of tenure-track professors and their colleagues
  • To establish a network of tenure-track professors with regular moderated formats to share experiences
  • To give tenure-track professors the skills required to achieve early independence

Target group

The programme is open and aimed at tenure-track professors, junior professors and junior research group leaders at Friedrich Schiller University Jena.

Hallmarks of the programme

  • Needs-based skills
  • Individuality (tailored to participants)
  • Great initiative shown by participants
  • Direct transfer of theoretical knowledge
  • Different formats: workshops, coaching, exchange of experiences, peer counselling
  • Regular discussions with participants and continuous development of the programme


Once the participants have completed the core and additional modules, they receive a certificate from the tenure-track qualification programme, which they can present in their tenure-track final review.

Duration and scope

  • Regular programmes will be held from May 2019
  • Each programme lasts around six years per participant (duration of the tenure-track process)

 We will be happy to give you more information on the schedule and content of the programme.