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Postdoc-Bericht und Mikrofon
Image: Jan-Peter Kasper (University of Jena)

Here you can find publications, regulations and information material of Graduate Academy.

Publications of Graduate Academy

Second Jena Postdoc Survey (2019) (in German)
Publication cover
Publication cover
Image: Graduierten-Akademie

Based on the postdoc survey in 2012, the Jena postdocs were asked again in 2016 about how they perceive their working situation, their qualification conditions, and their career paths. The survey was conducted within the project "House for young researchers" which has been funded by the Mercator Foundation. More than 400 postdocs from FSU Jena and other non-university research institutes in Jena provided information about their career goals within and outside of the academic system, about their assessment of future career opportunities, the support they received from their supervisors, and about the compatibility of family and career.

The study "Analysen zu Arbeitssituation, Qualifizierungsbedingungen und Karrierewegen von Jenaer Postdoktorandinnen und Postdoktoranden" was published in 2018 and can be downloaded herepdf, 5 mb · de (in German).

Conference proceedings "Fundiert forschen" (2017) (in German)
Article in the conference proceedings "Nachwuchsförderung in der Wissenschaft" (2014) (in German)
Conference transcript: "Das deutsche Wissenschaftssystem und seine Postdocs" (2013) (in German)
First Postdoc Survey (2012) (in German)
Publication cover
Publication cover
Image: Graduierten-Akademie

In order to develop quality standards for the postdoctoral training phase, the University set up a working group in autumn 2010. With the aim to provide empirical facts to support the committee's work, a survey was conducted among postdocs to assess their actual conditions of work and research and their professional perspectives. The results of this survey are summarised in the postdoctoral report titled "On the Situation of Postdoctoral Researchers at Friedrich Schiller University of Jena." It formed the basis for the "Recommendations for Improving the Professional Situation of Postdoctoral Researchers at Friedrich Schiller University of Jena". You will find the full report herepdf, 2 mb · de (in German).

Yearbook "PhD graduates" of Friedrich Schiller University Jena (each year)
Book cover
Book cover
Image: Graduierten-Akademie

The yearbook "PhD graduates" is published annually on Schillertag (Schiller Day) and contains all doctorates completed at FSU Jena in the previous academic year. A doctorate is considered as completed only if the doctorate was finished (decision by the Faculty's Board) and deposit copies of the dissertation have been handed in at the library.

PhD graduates who attend the graduation ceremony on Schillertag will receive this yearbook together with their PhD certificate.

If you wish to order a yearbook, you are welcome to contact the Graduate Academy at any time:

Graduate Academy of Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Johannisstraße 13
07743 Jena
Phone: 03641-9401300

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Brochure of the qualification programme

The current brochure of the qualification programme of Graduate Academy can be found on this page. There you will also find an archive with brochures of the Qualification Programme from previous semesters.


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