proof of language skills

In-house evidence of language skills

Here, you will find information about the second modern foreign language test, the reading competence test, and the Dialang placement test.
proof of language skills
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In some degree programmes or in advance of a stay abroad, you have to provide evidence of your language skills. The Language Centre can help you with this.


Please note that these tests of your language skills are valid only within the University Jena unless otherwise confirmed as acceptable by another university or potential internship provider.

  • Proof of the second modern foreign language

    For some degree programmes it is necessary to provide evidence of second modern foreign language skills. Consult your study regulations to check if this applies for your programme. Acceptable evidence is a school certificate that demonstrates six years or more of study in the chosen language or an equivalent language certificate at B1 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
    Students of the University Jena that cannot supply such evidence of a second modern foreign language can do either of the following:

    1. Participate successfully in a designated language course at B1 level with 2 teaching hours per week over a semester or a B1 level intensive course with 30 teaching hours. We provide an outline of the B1 courses that are accepted.


    2. Participate successfully in the test of reading competence that takes place towards the end of each semester. The languages in which the reading test is available, test dates, content, procedure and further details are on the Language Centre webpage under Test of Reading Competence.

    Upon successful completion of either alternative, you should present your certificate of achievement at your examination office in fulfilment of the regulations.

    Please note that a language course provides a more extensive language experience than participation in the test of reading competence, which, as the name suggests, is restricted to reading comprehension alone. In a language course you will extend your listening comprehension, pronunciation, and communicative skills as well as gaining insight into the respective culture.

    If you have any questions regarding proof of the second modern foreign language, please contact your department’s student counsellor or examinations office.

  • Dialang test for self-assessment

    Generally, assessing one’s own language skills is quite difficult. Therefore, the Language Centre, in cooperation with the Multimedia Centre, offers students the possibility to take an online diagnostic test that lasts approximately 90 minutes. This allows students to establish objectively their current language skills.

    The Dialang test, created by the University of Lancaster (UK), covers a range of modern foreign languages and is made available by its designers at no cost to those who take it.

  • Dialang test as a placement requirement for language courses (except DaF)

    In special cases, and where there is no proof of a student’s current language skills, the Dialang test can be a requirement when students want to participate in a language course above the level A1.1.

    Please note that the Dialang test as a requirement for joining language courses (except DaF) is accepted only as a placement test at the University Jena. It cannot substitute a course and does not entitle anyone who takes it to certification or ECTS points. Please contact the head of the language section you want to take a course in.

  • Dialang test for ERASMUS, PROMOS & DAAD

    In combination with a face-to-face oral exam, the Dialang test can be used as evidence of your language skills if you are preparing to take part in an exchange programme such as ERASMUS, PROMOS, or DAAD. Any such programme must be arranged by the University of Jena. Students of other universities and institutes should deal with their respective offices.

    Once you have registered for the test, you can take it online at the Multimedia Centre I (approx. 90 minutes).The Multimedia Centre passes on your result to the head of the respective language section. Then you will take an oral exam (approx. 20 minutes) to test your active language production. The Language Centre will then confirm your test result. If the result does not meet the language level required, you can retake the test in three months’ time.
    For more information and to register for this combined test, please contact the head of the respective language section.