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Candidates for appointment

Candidates who receive an appointment offer enter into the negotiation process with the Universitys Management to discuss the terms of appointment. In this process, the Office for Academic Appointments is an important point of contact. It is our task to take up your questions and wishes, and to clarify them in the procedure.
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Up-to-date information on the status of an appointment procedure for which an application has been submitted can be accessed in the digital appointment portal (login necessary)External link of the University of Jena. 

The President issues an appointment offer to learn whether the selected candidate is about to accept the position offered. If the candidates response is affirmative, the President asks the candidate to submit a concept. In this document, the candidate should sketch out the future activities in teaching and in research, including resources required. It is therefore important that the candidate consults the Dean beforehand to discuss the concept. Additionally, the candidate should submit a salary claim, and, if necessary, the question for support by the Dual Career Service in a seperate letter.

The candidates concept sets the basis for the appointment negotiations with the Management.

Who does take part in the appointment negotiations? Apart from the candidate and the President, there are also the Head of Administration, the Dean, and the Coordinator of Academic Appointments present. If necessary, the director of the respective institute may join the negotiations, too. The Management and the candidate negotiate on the personnel and equipment, and about field-specific matters. The negotiations on salary take place directly after the negotiations on personnel and equipment. Members of the Faculty are not present there.

As a result of the negotiations, the candidate receives a written offer by the University comprising the future personnel and equipment of the professorship. In addition, the candidate receives a separate written salary offer. The candidate is expected to respond to these offers within a reasonable period of time, usually four weeks, and to accept or reject the Presidents offer.

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