Person holding a notepad reading ‘We are equal—wir sind gleich’

Gender equality

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Person holding a notepad reading ‘We are equal—wir sind gleich’
Image: LaylaBird, istock

Gender equality, which has been enshrined in Article 3 of the German Basic Law since 1949, is still not a matter of course in today’s society. However, we at Friedrich Schiller University Jena are committed to promoting gender equality as a guiding principle and programme.


a dark blue equal sign with the written addition "equal" against a golden background with shiny spots
Equal opportunities are important to us
die Genderpiktogramme sind auf einer horizontalen Linie angeordnet, unter welche eine Hand ein Dreieck erhält. Daraus ergibt sich eine Waage unter den Piktogrammen, die ausbalanciert ist
Here you will find your contact persons for gender equality issues at decentralized level
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UniSAFE-survey on gender-based violence in academia (2022)

Between January and May 2022, UniSAFE coordinated the implementation of a survey among 46 participating universities and research organisations in 15 countries in Europe to collect measurable evidence on the prevalence of gender-based violence in academia and research. With over 42,000 responses from staff and students, the survey is the largest conducted so far in the European Research Area.

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European Union meta-study on the COVID-19 impact on gender equality in research & innovation (2023)

The report highlights in particular the pandemic’s gendered impact on academic productivity, early career researchers, and work-life balance. It investigates institutional responses and aims to bring forward unseen and marginalised experiences in academia.

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