a dark blue equal sign with the written addition "equal" against a golden background with shiny spots

Equal Opportunities Office

Our vision is to foster equality within the academic working environment. We are the department responsible for all gender-related issues. 
a dark blue equal sign with the written addition "equal" against a golden background with shiny spots
Image: Doreen Regenscheit

Our Mission

What we stand for

We are committed to an equal and fair cooperation of all people belonging to the scientific community regardless of biological sex and gender identity.

According to the Thüringer Hochschulgesetz §6(5) (Thuringian Higher Education Act), it is primarily our task to promote equal opportunities for women and men and to counteract their different representation within the academic world. We participate in reducing existing disadvantages at all levels and in all areas of the university.

On the basis of our self-understanding, we add to the list of our responsibilities the following: Shaping an academic community rooted in appreciation and participation of EVERYONE is of utmost concern to us. In this regard, we work closely with the Vice President's Office for Emerging Scholars and Equal Opportunities and the Diversity Office.

What we help you with

We serve as a resource for all members of university and offer support, advice, and assistance with, among other things:

  • issues related to the advancement of women in higher education (applications/ appointments/    hiring/ qualifications),
  • experiences of discrimination, sexual harassment and obstacles in the learning and working environment,
  • consultation and support in relation to gender identity 

We participate in organizing trainings on gender-related topics such as film screenings, lectures, panel discussions and events in order to support and raise awareness of gender issues in the context of academia.

We see it as our mission to encourage those seeking support to embrace their individuality and to fulfill their potential within the scientific community.

Should you have further questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact de us via email at gleichstellung@uni-jena.de, via telephone, or visit us in-person at the Equal Opportunities Office during our office hours.

Equal Opportunities Office

Opening hours:
Consultation appointments with Prof. Dr. Weinke or Prof. Dr. med. Groten can be arranged either

- via email at gleichstellung@uni-jena.de or

- anonymously via the registration form (see link "to the advisory service" on the left hand side)