Media production

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The following services are available

  • Self Recording Studio

    Use our new Self Recording Studio (SRS) to produce short videos, interviews or other educational content.
    All you need is the course number of your Moodle room and your Thoska.
    Recording in the SRS is self-explanatory and requires no prior technical knowledge.

    In our WikiExternal link you will find all the details and step-by-step instructions on how to use and apply for access.

    If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us directly at:

  • Film and studio production

    The Multimedia Centre supports you in the realisation of an image film or other film project. We accompany you during the planned filming and create the film according to your ideas. It doesn't matter whether you are filming outside in the field, in the laboratory or in the congress centre.

    In the MMZ television studio at Carl-Zeiss-Straße 3, users have a wide range of options for realising their video projects, including green screen technology and teleprompters.

  • Drone recordings

    Drone recordings have become an integral part of modern video and film productions. Whether breathtaking landscape shots from a bird's eye view or the targeted tracking of moving objects - drones make this possible with little technical effort.

  • High-speed recordings

    With our high-speed camera, high-speed recordings or slow motion recordings can be realised. A wide range of different lenses can be used for this. A remote-controlled shutter release helps to capture the exact point in time that needs to be recorded at a higher resolution. A "Optronis Sprinter HD" camera with a maximum resolution of 720p at approx. 3500 frames per second is used.

  • Podcast and audio production

    We offer you the opportunity to record high-quality and appealing podcast episodes with up to 4 people. Our service includes not only the recording, but also the editing and post-production of your podcast episodes. We ensure that any noise and irregularities are removed and can also add music or other audio elements to your podcast.

  • Television recordings

    It is possible to record television programmes in order to use them for research and teaching purposes. The recording system enables the digital recording, distribution and management of up to 40 television channels in HD quality. The recorded programmes can be edited and exported in various formats. The recording must be ordered at least 7 days before the broadcast date.

  • Speaker booth

    Texts can be recorded or video sequences dubbed in the soundproofed voiceover booth. Through two small windows, the voice artist always has eye contact with the director.

  • Learning Glass

    Learning Glass is a powerful and attractive tool: LED lighting creates a transparent board on a special glass that can be written on with illuminated neon markers. You write on the board as usual and the image is rotated using software.

    The table is height-adjustable and there are 4 colours to choose from. (red, blue, green and yellow)

    Further information: link


In the Multimedia Centre, various scanners are available to all employees and students of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena for digitising printed documents such as maps and books, slides, 8mm films and 16mm films.

  • Large format scanner A1 (books and maps)

    The OS Q1 high-performance colour scanner enables the scanning of books, maps, files and similar documents. It is characterised by gentle scanning. The maximum size of the document to be scanned is A1.

    Learn more de

  • Slides

    The Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 slide scanner delivers highly professional scans in the 35mm (subject) area|field. With the SF-210 slide feeder, up to 50 framed KB slides can be processed in batch mode. Scan area max: 25.1 x 38.0 mm. Output colour depth: 8 bit or 16 bit.

  • Films

    Various film scanners are available for digitising 8mm and 16mm films.

    Technical information:

    • The Flashscan HD can process films in the formats N8, Super8 and 9.5 Pathé. The device has integrated colour correction and can hand out films in HD quality and in 4:3 and 16:9 formats.
    • The flash transfer is a film scanner for 16 mm films with integrated colour correction. The device works in high-speed image and sound quality and with high precision, optionally for magnetic sound or optical sound.
    • The film scanners are controlled with the corresponding software. The software can also be used to preview and process the video data.
  • 3D scanning
  • Video cassettes

    Old video cassettes can be digitised with the right hardware. Digitisation is carried out using special programs and the contents of the cassettes can be exported in various output formats such as mp4.

  • Tapes

    An original playback device is required to transfer tape recordings. With the appropriate technical know-how, a PC and suitable software, we can create audio files such as mp3's for you.

Image database Cumulus

The Cumulus image database is digital asset management software from Canto. Cumulus can cover the entire utilisation cycle of various image and video files. Files can be searched for using keywords and categories. Dynamic filters and customisable search queries enable direct access to the content. The metadata can be taken from various sources. For image or photo files, this is typically Exif or IPTC data. However, Cumulus also offers options for importing information from other file formats such as PDF or Microsoft Office formats. The metadata is mainly used to provide the most accurate results possible when searching the image archive.
Cumulus is accessed either via PC or web clients. The user administration is linked to the LDAP of the URZ and allows differentiated access to the catalogues.

Contact person

  1. Köhler, Frank Self Recording Studio University Computer Center
  2. Röben, Heiko Television recordings University Computer Center
  3. Rosifka, Doris Digitisation of books, maps, slides University Computer Center
  4. Scherf, Ramona Film and studio production University Computer Center
  5. Sehmsdorf, Christin Film and studio production / planning University Computer Center
  6. Yordanova Akkaya, Gyulsen Film and studio production University Computer Center
    Image: Anne Günther (University of Jena)
  7. Wenck, Saskia Film and studio production / planning University Computer Center