Resource management (MACH / SAGE / HIS RM)

This service is only available to employees of the university.

Service description

We support and administer the Finance and Human Resources departments on the basis of software from HIS eG, SAGE GmbH and MACH AG.

We use the HIS eG (Hochschul Informations System eG) software FSV (financial and material resource management) with the modules BES (procurement), MBS (resource management), IVS (inventory) and COB (cost and activity accounting) in the Finance and Procurement department.

In the Human Resources department, we support the SVA software (personnel and job management) with the RKA (travel expense report) and QISRKA (registration and approval of travel) modules. We are also responsible for the HR Suite software from Sage GmbH in this department, which is used for payroll accounting for auxiliary staff and externally funded employees.

Since 2016, we have been supporting the introduction of an ERP system from MACH AG.

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