Mobile internet access (WLAN/Eduroam)


The University Computer Center operates an area-wide WLAN network through which you can access the Internet on large parts of the university campus. This gives you additional access to the university network.

How to log into the "eduroam" network securely with your university account can be found in our instructions for the most common operating systems.

In addition, guest researchers or students from another university or scientific organization participating in the international EduroamExternal link cooperation can connect to the account of their home university via the internationally available eduroam network at Friedrich Schiller University.

It is also possible to use the Eduroam service at other participating universities or colleges with a URZ account (University Computer Center Account).

Request and authorization

An automatic provision takes place with your enrollment or with the start of your employment contract and the activation of your university account through Selbstregistrierung /self registration. Please note that corresponding configurations on your mobile device may be necessary. 


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