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Dieser Dienst steht nur für Gäste zur Verfügung.


As a guest of the University of Jena, meaning that you are neither its employee nor its student, you can be given a guest account. Having your personal account, you can use numerous IT services during your stay at the University. The following persons are considered as guests of the University:

  • visiting scientists and scholars
  • external parties collaborating with the University
  • associate professors serving in a temporary capacity ("Privatdozent*in", PD)
  • doctoral candidates who are not enrolled (e.g. doctoral candidates and postdocs who are not registered in the Doc-In registration portal).
  • students with an optional restricted enrolment (“Zweithörer*innen”)
  • employees of the Jena University Hospital

Request and authorization

To be granted a guest account, you must submit a request form for a guest account [PDF 718 KB]. If your stay at the University amounts to 4 weeks or less, please use the request form for short stays  [PDF 708 KB]. In both cases, please also provide the confirmation by the head of the given unit. In the confirmation, the head shall confirm that the guest is about to perform tasks at the unit for which the use of IT services is required. Please submit the request to: IT Service Centre de.

As a guest or a student with an optional restricted enrolment, you need to provide a copy of the notification confirming your status. If you are an associate of the University, you must provide the copy of your thoska card.

Persons with a teaching contract, retired professors, doctoral candidates of the Graduate Academy, and employees of the Jena University Hospital, do not need any request; please contact the IT Service Centre de.


Do you have further questions or would like to give us feedback on our services? Please contact our support service.

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