Moment of advice

Advisory Service & Mentoring

Where can I get advice? Who are the right contact persons?
Moment of advice
Image: Graduierten-Akademie
Advise at Welcome and Service Desk for Doctoral Candidates and Postdocs
How can I find a supervisor? How do I finance my doctorate?
Individual Phd counselling
Individual counselling for all questions concerning the start, financing and course of the doctorate
Weltkugel auf Geldscheinen
How can I finance a stay abroad? Where should I go?
Two conflict parties and a mediator
What do I do in cases of conflict in the supervision relationship or in cases of scientific misconduct?
Mentoring of a young scientist
What mentoring programmes are available for researchers?
Sun breaks through the clouds
How can I cope well with the challenges of my PhD​? Where can I get support during a personal crisis?
Career paths after the doctorate
What are my options after my doctorate? What does it take to pursue an academic career, and how do I find options outside academia?
Teaching at the university
Advice on matters of teaching, research funding, gender equality and much more
Proof reading
Coaching, proofreading service, legal advice, tax counselling, migration advice
Doctoral candidate talking with her supervisor
Information for doctoral candidates and supervisors