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Advisory and other services

Support relating to your studies
Prospective students in the orientation seminar
Image: Christoph Worsch

The Thuringian Conference of University Presidents has decided to postpone the start of lectures for the summer semester until at least May 4.

Examinations are cancelled and will be postponed to the next possible date. This also includes oral exams (except for medicine and pharmacy).

The lecture hall building Carl Zeiß Straße 3 as well as the research and administration buildings are now only accessible to university employees and external service providers. This also applies to the main university building, with the exception that you can recharge and validate your Thoska there.

We kindly ask you to clarify questions by phone or e-mail if possible. Answers to the most frequently asked questions about coronavirus can you get here.

For most people, studying is not only a period of learning, but also an important stage of life, a decision about their future, a step in their career, a setting of the course, a period of self-discovery, and an opportunity to identify their interests. Unsurprisingly, it is easy to lose track of options which universities can offer. To make your life easier when it comes to making such important decisions, in times of crisis, or in your everyday student life, we offer you various supporting services. On the following pages, you will find information relating to studying, continuing your studies in master’s programmes, regarding spending a semester abroad, examinations, and many other topics.

Student Service Center
Your point of contact for a number of questions.
Master Service Centre
Master's at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena
International Office
Exchange programmes and information for international students
Beratung im StudierendenServiceZentrum
Central Student Advisory Service
General support relating to studies
Career service
Advisory and other services for you
Support for students with chronical illnesses and other challenges
Studying accessible to all
Examinations offices
Your point of contact for examination formalities
Vortrag zum Thema Promovieren
Graduate Academy
Gain your doctorate at the FSU

Further institutions

Student Services Organization
Equal Opportunities Office
Equal opportunities are important to us
Schild JUniFamilie
Family Office
With kith and kin at the FSU
Writing Centre
Thoska card
Zwei Männer in einem optischen Labor
K1 ‒ Establishing a new business
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