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Beginning of your studies

Manage your studies well from the outset
Student on the campus
Image: Christoph Worsch (University of Jena)

Welcome to Friedrich Schiller University Jena!

We are happy that you decided to study in Jena! A new and exciting time in life lies ahead of you! We have collected all the essential information and steps to take after your application to make sure you get off to a good start in Jena. You will find all the essential information on this page.

International students find more dates and information here.

Quick start:
Before your arrival in Jena
Organizational things before the beginning of the semester
After your arrival in Jena
Let’s get started! Important information for the beginning of the semester
Video: Tour through the University Main Building [in German]External link
Guide for new studentsExternal link
Orientation Days

Studieneinführungstage der Friedrich-Schiller-Universität
Orientation Days
To answer all questions, we organize the Orientation Days at the University Jena. You will receive general and subject-specific information on the organization of your studies and you can make yourself familiar with offers and facilities of the University, and get insider knowledge from advanced fellow students in your subject.

Before your arrival in Jena

  • Enrolment
    • Study programmes without admission restriction: If you submit your application for enrolmentExternal link completely and in time, and if it is positively assessed, you are enrolled immediately. As a means of confirmation, you will receive the thoska cardExternal link (short for Thüringer Hochschul- und Studierendenwerkskarte)—your student ID—in time, but usually not earlier than six weeks before the beginning of the semester by post.

    • Study programmes with admission restrictions: After applying for a study programme, you will receive a notification telling you whether you are admitted for the study programme or not. If you have received a positive answer, you confirm your place by enrollingExternal link at the University.
  • Financial matters

    In Jena, the average cost of living is just under 700 euros per month. There are many possibilities to finance your studies, e.g. scholarships, the BAföG student loan, part-time jobs, study loans, and education funds.

    See here for more information on financing your studies.

  • Looking for a place to live

    Where do you want to live—in a shared apartment, in your own flat, or rather in a dormitory? Browse through apartment advertisements. The earlier you start, the better, because the demand is usually quite high at the beginning of the semester.

    For new students, the student services organization Studierendenwerk ThüringenExternal link is the most important point of contact. Here, affordable living spaces throughout Jena are available for are rent. The Studierendenwerk maintains almost 30 student residences all over Jena.

Organizational matters before the beginning of the semester

  • Semester dates and lecture period

    Semester period: 01.04.2024 - 30.09.2024
    Lecture period: 02.04.2024 - 05.07.2024

    Learn more
  • Preparation courses and placement tests

    Our students start their studies with different levels of prior knowledge. That is why in a number of subjects there are courses to prepare students for their studies before the semester starts.

    In the preparation courses, gaps in knowledge from students’ high school education will be remedied and existing knowledge refreshed. In addition, these courses provide an opportunity for new students to get to know the university and their new fellow students.

    In a number of subjects involving languages, compulsory placement tests also take place before the semester starts.

    You may have to register for both types of activity. If you have any questions, please contact the respective academic advisor. You can find the contact details in our course database.

  • Activate your student account / University login

    As a student, you get a University account including:

    To create a user account, you first have to registerExternal link. Only then can you make use of the IT services at the University.

    Your login credentials consist of a username (a combination of letters and digits) and password. On the Service Portal, you need to accept the terms and conditions in order to be able to register. In addition, need to provide your name, including all first names, your date of birth, your matriculation number (six digits), and your PIN which you have received with your thoska card by mail.

    Learn more de
  • Software for students

    Students can obtain the software they need (e.g. Microsoft Office 365External link) via software licensesExternal link from campus and state contracts from the university data center. You can either choose from the range of existing licenses or apply for special licenses. This IT service is available to you with your enrollment and the activation of your university account through self-registration.

    Learn more de
  • Tools for online teaching
    • The University of Jena offers you the possibility to sign in to the video conferencing tool ZoomExternal link using your University login credentials. Zoom is currently the preferred solution for interactive web conferences (e.g. for working groups, seminars and practical courses). The University Computer Centre has preconfigured the privacy settings in Zoom. See here for more information on the use of ZoomExternal link (in German).

    • In addition, the Writing Centre of the University Jena has published some tips for students on how to handle digital teaching well. Their tips can be found here de (in German).

    • In order to support students of our University in participating in online lectures, the number of study spaces with internet access has been extended.

    • Do you urgently need a laptop or tablet for your studies? Then take a look at the Laptop Donation Campaign.
  • Make use of help offers: advice and service

    If you still have questions or if problems regarding the start of your studies suddenly arise, please contact our advisory and consultation services.

After your arrival in Jena

  • Registration of residence

    After moving into your new apartment, you must register with the city within 14 days. Registration takes place at the registration office External link(Bürgerservice). You will need to bring your ID or passport and a certificate by your lessor confirming the tenancy. It is best to make an appointment onlineExternal link.

  • Get to know the city and the campus

    Jena is a wonderful, active student city, surrounded by picturesque limestone rocks, which are perfect for hiking and climbing. In addition, the city located at the river Saale offers many recreational activities. Exploring the city is worthwhile!

    You can also explore the University Main Building, the Main Library Building, or Jena’s beautiful landscape online with 360° tours, or go on a virtual discovery tour with an app.

  • Student ID (thoska card)

    The thoska is a multifunctional chip card, which serves as your student ID and confirms that you are a student at the University of Jena. You can use it as library, copy and printing card. It also serves as an electronic wallet for paying your meals in canteens and cafeterias. You receive it by post together with your starter package.

    Learn more about the thoska

  • Check the e-mail inbox of the university regularly

    You can access your e-mail inbox at https://webmail.uni-jena.deExternal link. With your user name and password from your student account you can log in. Before the start of the semester, we will inform you regularly by e-mail about important information and dates for the upcoming semester.

  • Participate in the Orientation Days (STET)

    We organize Orientation Days to make sure all new students quickly find their feet. You can get essential information about the organization of your studies, pick up some insider tips from experienced students enrolled on your study programme—and ideally meet fellow students.

    Programme of the Orientation Days

    Dates and information for international students

  • Check out the offer of the University Sports Centre

    More than 350 instructors usually offer 80 different kinds of sports and disciplines in more than 700 courses per week. Everybody will find something to their liking—no matter if you prefer well-known sports or if you want to try something new.

    See here for the programme of the University Sports Centre (in German only)

Here we go! Everything important for the beginning of the semester


The “Guide for New Students” provides further important information on the start of your studies at the University of Jena. It is available onlineExternal link in advance.

Central Student Advisory Service

Office hours:
We offer consultations in person, by telephone, and via Zoom. You can make an appointment by calling us on +49 3641 9-411111 (Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 to 11:00) or outside these office hours on +49 3641 9-411200. You can also use our remote help desk.

Consultation hours:
Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (9:00 to 12:20), Tuesdays (14:00 to 18:00), and Wednesdays and Thursdays (14:00 to 16:00).

Video chat: Zoom – Video chat Videochat ZeitenMondays to Fridays (12:30 to 13:00) Password ZSB2020 Data protection informationpdf, 183 kb