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Your option to change your studies

So, you have started your studies and gradually realize that the topic you selected is not the right one for you. Did you imagine the focus or the teaching process in your study programme would be rather different? Is there a new opportunity you want to seize immediately or a dream you would like to fulfil? Sometimes it may be only failing an examination. A change of course is perfectly normal and can be a result of various reasons. In this context, it is doubly important to be informed thoroughly beforehand and to be aware of the goal.

Should it be a completely new topic? Do you simply want a minor change of direction and complete studies in a related subject? Before taking action, it is better to speak to various people, e.g. friends, family, and the subject-specific advisor. Please also collect information about the range of courses and do not forget the application deadlines.

Subjects without an admission restriction

If subjects are without an admission restriction, you only have to submit an application for a change of study programme. Generally, this is possible during the winter semester, but can also be done during the summer semester in a few subject areas. Sometimes your previous academic achievements can be taken into account. This means you might immediately start in a higher subject-specific semester. All information regarding crediting options can be obtained from your examinations office.

Master's degree programmes: Please note that you must apply for the respective degree programme within the application deadline BEFORE submitting this application. Only when a corresponding admission has been granted, you can send this application to the Master Service Centre.

Subjects with an admission restriction

It is also possible to apply for subjects with an admission restriction. If you do not know what to do next, you might want to make an appointment with our Central Advisory Service.

International students

International students can always turn to the International Office or the Master Service Centre.
More information for international students


Your university semesters also count while changing a study programme even if you intend to take more time to graduate. In individual cases, you may have to pay long-term study fees at the end of your course of studies or even earlier. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please contact the service deskExternal link to make an appointment with us.

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