Entrance portal on Fürstengraben to the main building of the University Jena

Change of university

Take your academic achievements in your backpack to new places
Entrance portal on Fürstengraben to the main building of the University Jena
Image: Jan-Peter Kasper (University of Jena)

Moving to Bonn to your girlfriend? Learning more about optics in Jena? Everything is possible. Changing university is possible in both directions, from elsewhere to Jena and from Jena to another university. Your previous academic achievements can be often credited if the previous study programme is related to the new one. If you want the change run smoothly, please read the information below carefully.


To avoid any unpleasant surprises, please always take advice on what is required and what should be expected in terms of recognition of previous academic achievements. Your examinations offices are often a good place to start. Nevertheless, the subject-specific advisors or the Central Academic Advisory Service can also assist you. Please click here to find a competent point of contact at our university.

Changing to the University in Jena

Collect information Expand entry

Firstly, collect information on whether you can apply for/be admitted to the desired study programme and the subject-specific semester for the upcoming semester. It is crucial to do so early enough if you do not want to miss the deadlines for subjects with admission restrictions. The deadlines or enrolment date for your desired study programme can be found here. There you can also find the information regarding the contents of the study programme and the points of contact.

Recognition of previous academic achievements Expand entry

When it comes to the recognition of your previous academic achievements, the examinations office is the right point of contact at our university. To find the examinations office responsible for your study programme, please click here. According to your achievements, the Examinations Office then determines in which higher subject-specific semester you are about to continue with your studies.

Requirements Expand entry

In some study programmes, specific language skills are required, e.g. Latin or modern foreign languages. Please note that there may be differences between both universities. The same applies to internships and other activities that are required for a successful admission. For current requirements and information regarding the course of studies at our university, please click here or refer to the Study Programme Database. Last but not least, you may also take a look at the relevant study and examination regulations or at the recommended study plan.

Steps to enrolment Expand entry

If you would like to enrol to the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, you have to be removed from the register of students at your previous university (“Exmatrikulation”). Generally, this should happen at the end of the ongoing semester.

To do so, please contact the student office at your previous university or other point of contact where you enrolled at the beginning of your studies there. You receive a proof of termination of enrolment, which you should submit it while enrolling at our university.

Exception: exchanging university places Expand entry

programme with admission restriction at another university. If you would like to exchange university places, you must find a partner at your target university first who:

  • studies the same subject.
  • received the university place with at least the same grade of the university entrance certificate.
  • is in the same semester.
  • has the same level of education.
  • would like to study at the university you want to leave.

There are two search options. Distribute notices at the target university (I offer X, and search for Y) or specialized platform for exchanging university places (“Tauschzentrale”). Addresses for this purpose can be found on the Internet. If all is well: Complete application (exchange between 2 or 3 people), submit documentation, and hope that no-one changes their mind.

Changing to other universities

Collect information Expand entry

Check the study programme at your target university thoroughly. Analysing the information on the course of study, you can find the information on admission requirements. If necessary, contact the academic advisory service and the examinations office at your future university in a timely manner to collect any missing information.

Recognition of previous academic achievements Expand entry

In order to change to other institution of higher education, you should submit the documents stating your previous academic achievements to this institution. You can print out these documents from the portal Friedolin. Ultimately, it is the examinations office and your new institution of higher education who decide whether and which achievements can be recognized.

Termination of enrolment at our university Expand entry

The termination of enrolment (“Exmatrikulation”) is carried out during office hours in the Student Service Centre. Please only do so when you are certain that you can enrol at your target institution of higher education. Please bring the complete application for removal from the register of students [pdf, 231 kb] de. You will need this document at various facilities within the University. Please also bring your thoska card. When the application is complete, you receive a confirmation of termination of enrolment in the Student Service Centre and a confirmation for the purposes of statutory pension insurance.

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Updates / adjustments may occur at any time. Thank you for your understanding!

We currently provide advice and handle your concern solely also via phone and service desk.

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